Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What is it with kids and spaghetti?

they all just love it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have been procrastinating blogging lately. I'm in search of a camera that takes half decent pictures. I got this gorgeous piano from my aunt that I had to do some major renovating to, and my after pictures I took with my camera don't do the piano justice. I'll still post them but I wish I had something better.

This is the original picture my aunt sent me. It was being stored in a garage, it needed a LOT of work, but I could tell immediately I LOVED it and it was a prize! They had also had it recently tuned and it doesn't sound too bad!
This was my before picture I took, it was after I had been sanding it for a while. (You can also notice the walls, after finishing the piano I was inspired to paint my family room walls!)
a close up before
My lovely mother came to help me. We had to take some of the piano apart to clean and paint it. Bet you can't guess who is who?

We're twinsies!

Here are my after pictures. We got it all sanded, cleaned up and painted black.. I also painted my room blue. I still need to hang the picture- I'm excited to change the decorations with each season or holiday. Isn't it a treasure?!