Monday, February 18, 2008


these are some random pictures that i just downloaded off my camera. i thought they were pretty cute!
lacy got a tent that she just loves! its super cute!
lacy is showing her strong muscles while eating spaghetti and meatballs
showing off her way cute new pjs. i dont remember taking this picture, but she looks super happy and cute!

he's the man! charmaine gave him this cute onesie, he wears it every sunday!
these GORGEOUS flowers Shawn gave me on Valentines.. and it was even my turn to do it this year (we switch off Valentine's and Anniversary) He's so wonderful!! and this pictue was taken today, they have looked so good!!!

the kids playing on my bed... i love it when they are sweet to eachother and so happy

part of my new calling the in the relief society is that i have to make birthday cards for all the sisters in the ward.. i am running out of ideas.. have any more for me?


Chantal said...

Love the post, Hugo's church picture is adorable! The card is super cute. Why don't you just make the same card for everybody, or just make a new card each month?

Jenny Lynn said...

i have been making a new card for the months. but i am using all different papers and different letter colors and stuff, but i get bored of doing the same over and over. plus some of the cards dont match the seasons.... sheesh!