Sunday, June 27, 2010

I wish I could dance...

Somehow dance gets me..

This dance didn't get the best reviews but it got me- kind of story of my life.

old life

so pretty

new life

I dont know why, But I just loved this week. So many pretty, meaningful dances. The first dance hit close to home, I cried my eyes out! The second dance was pretty and kind of an in-between dance and the last one was just plain sexy! You know they must have spied on Shawn and I for that idea, because we totally do that dance all the time!!!
Whatever, you are weird!

Friday, June 25, 2010

On Wednesday we had a super-fun boat trip with some awesome friends. The kids absolutely loved it, almost as much as we did! The lake is one of my most FAVORITE things about Arizona. (everything except the fish!!!) This time I took my first stab at wake surfing- it was SOOO FUN! Hugo got a hold of my phone this morning at deleted my video app which deleted all my video proof from the day. I did have this one saved with my pictures so here is one. Its my first attempt so its a little shaky.

I wish I could post the time Shawn was surfing and I hopped on the board with him, or Lacy being handed to Shawn on the surfboard and her freaking out, or Issac getting attacked by Shawn... or Shawn doing some wicked awesome moves on the wakeboard. Anyhow, thats a whole different story (me loosing my videos... boooo hoo)

Thanks so much Randal, Reed and Sara for inviting us to chill on your boat, it was an absolute blast!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jack's Birthday Cupcakes

So I'm not a huge fan of cake so I was looking for something new for Jack's birthday. I decided to be a little adventurous and try something new. This is what I came up with and it was super easy and a HUGE hit!

First I got some neapolitan ice cream, let it melt and then I scooped just one or two scoops of it into cupcake liners and put them into the freezer and let them freeze into little ice cream disc's just the right size!Next I baked some rather small cupcakes. I just put the batter in the cupcake liners and didn't fill them as full as I normally would. Some of them were too big, but its okay, I was experimenting!

Then when they were all cool I took them out of the liners, put all new liners in the pan (this took a lot of liners!) and cut all the cupcakes in half. Then I put the bottom half of the cupcakes in the liner, then the little ice cream disc that I had frozen earlier, then the top of the cupcake on top of that. Then, to top it off I just used cool-whip for icing and stuck it back in the freezer to get it a hard again.

I think these may have been the absolute best cupcakes I have ever eaten!! They were absolutely scrumptious!! I just wish that more people were here to enjoy Jack's birthday with us. I think the whole family was out of town! Its okay though, it was a nice low-key day and he got lots of love!! Anyhow, you should try these out, it took a lot of time but they were actually really really easy and I felt my kids were actually eating less sugar. They didn't eat as much cake as usual and no additional ice cream than what was in the cupcake, and the cool whip is a lot better than the frosting would have been. They loved them too, I still have a few in the freezer and Lacy and Hugo beggggg for them every time they see them!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lots of May Birthdays!!

First off in May was Chaz's birthday on the 3rd. I love Chaz... I wish she was either a few years older or me a few younger because we lived so close growing up and really didn't get to know each other until we were already sisters. I know we would have been best friends :) Chaz is funny and sweet and so thoughtful. You can always count on her to be the one to remember birthdays or to bring you flowers when you are sick or just call or text to tell you hi or how much she loves you! She is one of those "glue" personalities.. the type of people that keeps everyone else together. I love her so much, happy birthday pretty lady!

Then we had Mom's birthday ON Mother's day. She always gets so jipped when her birthday falls on Mothers day. She deserves 365 days each year to celebrate her aweseomeness! She is the rock of the family. She is strong and brave and I have NEVER met a more Christlike, selfless mother. She has given everything she has to her son's and I could not be more grateful. (If you know me well, I will openly say I have the best marriage of anyone I know... and I mean it!) Shawn is amazing and I know right where he learned it!! Its one of the first things I fell in love with about Shawn was how much he loved his mother. Kathy is also such a hilarious, fun partner in crime. I love having her as a shopping buddy or just to hang out with. I am so lucky to have a mother in law that I love as much as her, but even more so I consider her one of my dearest and closest friends. I love you so much mom.

Randal turned the big 3-0 this year on the 12th. He gave us all the best present and decided to come visit for the summer :) I love Randal. He is a genius!! He must remember everything he has ever read, heard, seen, etc. He is always up for good, intelligent conversation and I just love it. He is sweet to his boys and his wife and for that (among a million other things).. I love him!!
Happy Birthday Randal!
My sweet sweet baby Jack turned 1 on the 29th!! Jack is amazing!! I tell everyone (joking-ly... well sorta) that Jack is my gift from heaven for putting up with my first two. They were hard babies for me and so far... except the sleep thing, Jack is so sweet. He hardly ever cries, unless of course he is hungry then its just the end of the world! I am amazed at how much personality a one year old can have, but it is just exploding out of him. He loves music and loves to dance. He loves to be around people and to entertain. He loves to follow Hugo around and play with him, although to Hugo, its mostly torture. He loves to be thrown around by Lacy... He has the cutest laugh and has his Daddy's adorable dimples. He loves the bath, he loves to be outside, anytime the door is open he runs as fast as he can to the open door and if he misses the chance to get out, he isn't so thrilled. He already loves trucks, and he loves his mommy and daddy. We just adore Jack and every moment we get with him is such a treasure. Happy Birthday Jack Jack!!

Anna Banana turned 4 the day after Jack's birthday. She had given us all a huge scare a couple days before her birthday and so we are all thanking our Heavenly Father for Anna right now, along with all the miracles He is always giving us. Anna is such a spitfire. She is Lacy's little red-head twin cousin. We love Anna so much, we constantly just want to kidnap her and claim her as our own :) jk... but really she is such a sweet heart. She is thoughtful and imaginative and just so darling. We all love you so much Anna. You are the best!
I couldn't do May's birthday's and not include my BFF Elise's birthday on the 4th. We have been friends since middle school. Elise and I can not get together and not laugh like crazy. We have so much fun every time we are together. She has always been there for me and me her. She is the kind of friend you know you will talk to when you are 90 years old! I love her!! Thanks for being my BFF Elise, I LOVE YOU!!! Happy Birthday!