Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night we emptied our piggy bank and went out for a night of fun with the kids- paying will all change (mostly nickels- I'm sure they hated us when we were done)
$15 later we were full of Taco Bell and had seen a super fun movie at the dollar theatre! We will definitely be doing that again. All the kids were surprisingly good- even Jack. We only had to leave the theatre once to take Lacy to the bathroom. Other than that, the movie was so cute and we all had a blast.

Yes, I had to document the boy's first time at the movies
Hugo sat quietly the whole time on either Shawn or my lap. He loved it.
Jack was awake most of the movie but fell asleep on Shawn the last little bit. He looked so cute!

if you haven't seen UP I would highly recommend it. It was so cute- for adults and kids. We all LOVED it! Pixar never fails to impress us.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random things this week

Left our swim suits at grandmas so we're playing outside... Lacy in her dance leotard and Hugo nakiee

Crafting gone awry

Made these beauties out of an old skirt from HS, and old pillow (for filling) and upholstery fabric I had left over from making aprons with Chantal. I LOVE THEM!!! I especially love being green and using all recycled materials.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy shop

Come visit my etsy shop. I haven't added anything in such a long time but I finally added a ton of new pendants I have been working on. They have been so fun to make, so come check them out!
oh and p.s. Charmaine totally got me into this, she is amazing and teaches me so much.

Friday, August 21, 2009

the river!

I went tubing down the river for the first time with the youth last Saturday. It was an absolute blast, the only thing that would have made it better would have been if Shawn was there with me. I dont know why I have never been before- I've been missing out!

Night of firsts for Jack

After Jacks first bike ride, he had his very first night in his own bed. He looked like such a big boy in his crib. He slept awesome, he is such a good boy. I've decided baby number 3 is your gift for having babies (I was baby numbe 3 :) He is such an angel, he cuddles, he hardly ever cries. He's perfect! (lets hope I didn't just curse it!)

Late night bike ride

We got the kiddos all showered and in their pjs and decided on a pijama bike ride Tuesday night. We had so much fun and the kids all looked especially cute. It was Jack's first time in the bike trailer and we had to pack him around with some blankets but it all went over pretty well. He started to fuss after about twenty minutes. We decided he was just too hot! Luckily we were close to home. I can't wait for it to get cooler so we can bundle them up and go for rides to keep warm!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heber with friends

Last weekend the Schvaneveldts invited us to their cabin in Heber for a long weekend. We loved every minute of it. (except for Hugo's many mishaps)

Walking to the park
Skipping rocks
Yummy food
Attempting to fly a kite
Taking lots of pictures
Crafts with the kids
Playing games
Late nights
Good conversations
Sitting on the porch
and lots more.
We had so much fun, thanks for inviting us. (and thanks to Devin's parents for their hospitality)Lacy hasn't stopped talking about it since we got back. We haven't had this much fun with new friends in a long time- you guys are amazing!!!
and thanks for the pictures- my camera ran out of batteries the first day. plus Andrea is an awesome photographer and takes way better pictures than I ever could.

Randoms of Hugo and Jack

I pulled out the camera to get a video of Jack laughing and Hugo really wanted pictures of him. He has been talking so much lately, so here is just a cute little video of him talking.

Jacks cute little grunty laugh right now. I love it!

First Day of Preschool- Year 2!

Lacy was sooo excited for school to start up again. She asked almost every week this summer when she could go back to school. I am glad school is back too- I am looking forward to getting a schedule back. This summer has been so crazy!

It was like Christmas-eve the night before, she was so excited she couldn't even sleep. We had her first day outfit all set out and when she woke up she was all antsy to get ready. She had a fun day and we are all excited for a new year.
I have to tell you the funny conversation between Lacy and Carson on the way to school.

Lacy: When I get married my name is going to be Lacy Brown
Carson: Well you are going to marry me, right?
Lacy: Of course!
Carson: You wanna get married in the temple, right?
Lacy: Of course!
Carson: And you wanna be a mommy when you grow up, right?
Lacy: Of course!
Carson: Okay, we can get married.

It totally made my day, it was so cute! We love Carson and all the funny things he comes up with- the two of them are quite a pair, partners in crime.

6 years strong!

Okay last year I went all out for our Anniversary post. I love my hubby bubby dearly and this last year has been even better than the many before that. This last year we added Jack to the family and Shawn decided to go back to school. We went on a couple fun little get away's and just had a blast together. I am so grateful for my eternal companion, he is truly amamzing. He makes me happier than I ever thought possible and more than I ever deserve.

Thanks for an awesome 6 years babe, I'm excited for an eternity more!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jacks baby blessing

isn't he the dang cutest thing ever?!
Our sweet big boy was blessed this last Sunday, August 2nd. It was a wonderful day filled with beautiful children, family and friends and spirituality. We had lots of family come in for his special day and some friends come as well. We enjoyed visiting and food after church at my parents house. Thanks everyone for coming and participating.
It was such a special day for our little family. I am so grateful for Shawn being a worthy priesthood holder and being able to give our boy such a sweet blessing. My kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful father. The blessing he gave was so heaven sent, I was so overcome with love for my husband and children and also for my love of the Savior and my testimony. I am also so grateful for my parents and Shawn's parents raising such a wonderful man to be the father of my children and my eternal companion. Jack with his Great-Grandaddy Jack
Lacy and Hugo also looking ADORABLE on Jack's blessing day!

I'm a lucky lucky girl!

Jack's first time in a REAL pool

While Chantal and Brian and the kids were here this past weekend we decided it was a perfect opportunity for the kids to go to Grandma's pool and see what Jack thinks about swimming. Just like my two other little fishies, he loved it! He was just happy and content the whole time. He didn't give me one bit of trouble, I dont know if he even peeped the whole time. He was happy as a bug!