Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh dear

I love my husband, I adore my kids, but its day's like today I just want to go out (or stay in) with one of my girlfriends and cry over a stupid chick-flick.
Night school is hard. I have to keep reminding myself, dreams take time. I takes a long time to reach the stars but once we get there, I know it will be beautiful!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lucky me

Last night as we were laying in bed, I was almost asleep when Shawn rolls over and kisses me. He then says, I don't want you to ever fall asleep with out knowing how much I absolutely love you. He makes me happier than any girl deserves. I sure won with this one!

Roxy's blessing

Roxy was blessed yesterday by her daddy. It was such a special day with our family. He gave her a beautiful blessing. She is lucky to have such a wonderful, righteous daddy. My mom made her blessing dress from a pillowcase that my Gran Butler hand tatted. It turned out lovely. She also wore these beautiful slippers and sweet pearl bracelets that her aunt Clarissa hand made for her. She is a lucky little girl to have so many people that love her. She is such a blessing with her sweet calm spirit. I adore her!
These are the sweet slippers. All I did was add the button.
This is her beautiful dress.
She looks thrilled, lol.
Just the girls.
Can't expect too great a picture after making the kids sit through church and then try and sit for a picture while all their cousins are over running around. Still, we are pretty cute! (oh and haha, Shawn and Hugo both have their eyes closed. classic.)
Just had to throw this in. Jack is such a character.

Trying to be creative.

Although we have had a couple cool weeks, mostly we have been dying with this crazy heat. Not being able to spend too much time outside, I have to get creative to try and entertain my boys while Lacy is at school and Roxy is napping. Naptime seems to be the hardest because we are stuck at home and the boys quickly get restless.

What started out as Dr.Seuss reading time, turned into making a winding road with all the books. Gathering all the cars and then having a race!

Boys are so simple and fun. For now at least. Heaven help me when I have two teenage boys a year and a half apart. What will I do?

Random phone pictures

I feel like I have been running around like crazy, nonstop, for a whole year. Who has the time for anything anymore? I don't update much, so for make-up, here are some super random pictures that came off my phone. Not in any particular order, all unedited.
We are alive!
We always say Roxy has her boxing gloves on or her punchers up. She loves to have her hands right by her face. So cute!
For fall break the kids, my mom and I went to Kingman to visit Chantal and help her unpack a bit. It was crazy having all the kids and no husband but all in all it was a great trip and all the kids did really well. (as did mom!) This was the only picture I took, as we were getting some stretches out at McDonalds after taking a wrong turn and a major de-tour. Always and adventure!
For another fall break day, we went on an adventure that started with lunch in Fountain Hills. We took a picnic to the park, which was by the way, an awesome park and sat down right in time for the fountain to go off. The kids loved it!
Bullseye, a tie and a squirt gun. He is ready!
I snapped this because we were all cracking up that she looked like a superhero getting ready to fly away and save the day!
Last week when it was cool out we spent a lot of time at the park. Roxy even got a turn (her first turn) in the swing.
She doesn't even complain when mommy plays dress up in Wal-Mart. She is so good!
We were sitting out back one cool Sunday night and I looked at Lacy and thought that I have the most gorgeous little girl. She gets stopped EVERYWHERE we go, people telling her how beautiful she is, especially her red hair. I am so lucky, and (horrible to say) jealous of her striking beauty. I thought she looked "glamorous" here. What a character!