Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was fan-freakin-tastic. Yea for 26!! Actually it was kind-of boring, but thats okay. Shawn had to work in the morning and had school at night. There was no chance of him ditching because it was his final- he actually went early so he could prepare. And he aced it!! Got an A in the class. I'm so proud of him.
But back to me. I had a lovely day hangin out with my boys. I got to hear from Lacy, my mom made the most deliciously scrumptious meal EVER! Per my request, we had...Mahi burgers, mango salsa (and I think it was her best yet), coleslaw, tater tots and baked beans. Oh man it was so good! Thanks mommy and clarissa for making it, I loved every last lick of it. Then to top it off we had my most favorite birthday desert. Angel food cake and home-made pineapple/banana/strawberry sherbet.
Then when Shawn came home from school, he not only brought the good news of ace-ing his math class, he brought the most beautiful coral colored roses. I have never seen such beautiful flowers. I'm a lucky girl!

a few random pictures taken on my b-day at my parents

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls Camp

Monday morning I woke up and decided to steal my dads car and drive up to Camp LoMia for the day. I had a nice quiet drive alone on the way up. Well not too quiet, I blasted the music and sang my heart out! It was beautifully stormy and I enjoyed every minute of it.
*I snapped this on the way up with my phone.Once I got up there my dad greeted me with warm cinnamon rolls (thanks to Shelly Heward, Marilyn Powell and the rest of the lovely kitchen crew). Yummm!!!
Then I slowly one by one I started spotting my girls. I was greeted with girly screeches and lots of hugs. It is such a good feeling when you see someone and they come running with happy giggly faces to tackle you with love! It was so fun. It was the last full day and I had fun going on the zip line (pictures of that to come later) hanging out in the craft room, watching some awesome dances- one in particular from my Daddy-O, and Brothers Salmon, Willis and Heywood- they were heeeelarrrious! I got to dance like a teen and had my girls cracking up AT me... I'm sure I embarrassed them. Then I was lucky enough to find Kailin was leaving early anyways and we worked it out so she could ride home with me. I was happy to not have to do the night drive alone. Overall it was a long but very exciting day. I hope I get to go to camp next year for the whole week. It was obviously too hard this year with a tiny at home but I still had a blast just surprising them for the day.

This is a picture of my beehives. I totally stole this picture off someones facebook I don't even know- hope they don't mind! Aren't these girls adorable tho?! I forgot my camera so I'll post more pictures when I gather some from everyone else's cameras!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Thanks so much Ryan and Krista!! Shawn has been dying to get out of town but I am not quite ready for anything too extravagant. Well Ryan and Krista called and offered us their house while they are in Idaho. Shawn was so excited and this morning we packed up and headed up to Prescott for a quick weekend in beautiful weather. Shawn was so giddy when the temperature dropped 20 degrees and it started raining (I was too- I love the rain! I'm pretty certain any AZ native thinks rain is the best thing on earth) So anyways, we got up and spent all evening outside. A lovely walk to the park, playing in the back yard, relaxing on the porch... its all good!

Our New Pool

We were getting bored of just the hose out back so we got ourselves a little blow up play pool for the kids to play in. They love it and are so excited every time they get the chance to go out and splash. I had to snap a few shots because they looked so cute the other night. Plus here is one of Lacy eating one of her favorite meals- ribs.

Last Saturday

I'm wanting to post about today but I figured I should post the older pictures first. We have had over a month of staying in a lot and recovering. Last weekend we came back to the world with a boom. We had a fun Friday full of shopping and BBQ with friends (thanks Devin and Andrea- we had a blast!)
Then Saturday we didn't stop all day long! We went to Levi's birthday party in the morning. Lacy and Hugo had so much fun in their big water slide. The food was delicious, the company was awesome- we got to see lots of friends we don't get to see very much and of course it was a ton of fun. After that we went to the Diamondbacks game for Clint's birthday. We took Lacy and Jack but left Hugo and Grandma and G-Pas because it was his nap time. Jack seemed pretty chill about his first major-league baseball game and Lacy was in heaven because her friend (and Clint's nephew) Cole was there. She thinks he is sooooo cute! And he is! After that we went to dinner and a reception with Pat and Chaz- we always have a blast hanging out with them, we need to hang out more! Then we went to the hospital to see Kelly and Heathers sweet tiny baby boy Bodee. He looks a lot like Jack in a much smaller more fragile version. Mommy and baby are doing great!