Thursday, March 31, 2011


In case there is someone who hasn't heard yet, I am now 20 weeks pregnant. We found out that we are (most likely) having another little girl. Lacy is so excited. But with being pregnant comes lots of fun stuff. Like throwing up, heart burn, being tired no matter how much you rest and everyone's favorite, my roller coaster or emotions and moods. That being said, I have neglected the blog. Which makes me a little sad because there is so much my kids are doing that I need to record. Things I never want to forget. So with no further adieu, a quick look at my kids, as of March 2011.

Jack is all stinker. He is funny and super sweet, but he is often referred to (lovingly) as the pile of stink. (Most of the time, literally, I swear the kid poops more than any other on the planet. Speaking of, give me a minute, I need to go change his diaper)

Ok, much better! He is our curly haired spit-fire. He wakes up every morning and runs strait for the door and says GO! He loves to be outside and he is ALWAYS dirty! Usually when we have to take Lacy to school, a big fit follows when we pull back into the driveway. He does not like to sit around while I get dressed, put my make up on or do my hair. That is NO FUN for him. He, unlike his very content brother, is always on the go. He does not like to sit for a movie no matter what. The only time he will, is if it means he is in Daddy's arms, and not in his bed. Speaking of, there has never been a bigger "Daddy's boy" than Jack. He squeels in excitement everytime he see's Shawn. Grabs on to his legs, gives him big kisses and hugs. In fact, if I ask Jack for a kiss, and Shawn is in the near vicinity, Shawn will get some, and not me.
He is also super sweet. He always says sorry, and when he is not tugging and fighting, he is hugging and kissing. He is really the best of both worlds. (the other world being terrible twos). He is certainly a handful of fun!!!

It's hard getting a good picture of Jack because he refuses to sit still. This is about the best we got. The picture in the back of the bike is my favorite, he is so excited.

Hugo Boy

Hugo is my sweetheart. He loves everyone. Everyone is his best friend, and if we ever do anything remotely fun, it is the BEST DAY EVER. I am constantly the best mom ever, Shawn the best dad ever, Lacy the best sister ever, and Jack the best brother ever. He is so excited to see everyone, giving them a big hug and always telling you how much he missed you or how happy he is to be here, or you there, etc. He, on lots of days lately, is my saving grace. He gives big hugs and kisses, cleans up well, and (for the most part) listens to what he is supposed to do. He is easy to reason with. With all that being said, he CAN certainly thow his tantrums and always finds a way to NOT sleep, or find his way into our bed. We would put him back if he woke us up, but usually we don't notice until he is already asleep and kicking one of us in the mouth. He is as much of a stinker as he is a sweetheart. He makes everyday fun, thats for sure!
He can't go ANYWHERE without someone commenting on how much he looks like his Daddy. He even tries by dressing in his clothes!

This was just taken this weekend. He's so handsome, and getting SO BIG!


Lacy is a STAR!

She got her Kindergarden pictures back in the fall and I think she could not be cuter if she tried. Her hair looks so short and she looks so innocent and adorable with her closed mouth smile, dimples and all!! Her little dimple right by her left eye is my favorite feature. You can see it when she is being shy, sweet, or belly laughing like she has been lately. A few times in the past month she has laughed so hard that Shawn and I had to join in.

One happened one night, she wanted to play a "big kids" game once the boys went to bed. She picked Quelf to play with just Shawn and I. It is a very silly game, if you have never heard of it. She got a card that said something along the lines of making 5 fart noises. She started making them (with her mouth), giggling the entire time, then on the 5th time she let a real one slip, and it was loud and hilarious. I know one day she will be embarrassed for me telling this story, but she erupted in some very loud and contagious laughter. She could not be calmed either. It was a fun moment that made Shawn and I realize, out little girl is growing up. (Fart humor and all- wish us luck!)
She looks so young!
This is everyone in her class, including her teacher and principal.

This is her on her special birthday dinner. So stinkin cute!