Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 month already?

Can you believe my perfect little princess is already a month old? I took this picture yesterday which was actually her one month. She is so perfect. She is calm, sleeps and eats well and puts up with a lot from her brothers and sister without complaining. I just adore her!!!

Jack Jack

Jack is such a character right now. There are a few things I must write down so I don't forget.

He insists on running everywhere and at the end of every run, he jumps. It is the funniest thing. He doesn't stop with out a little hop.

Speaking of jumping, he also jumps off everything. Like from the top of the table and lands on both feet into a run. I am still amazed he hasn't broken any legs. We gotta keep an eye on this one.

He talks up a storm... my favorite it the way he says Yaacy, Gogo, Rockies (roxy), and muscles. I know, muscles is random, he says it with kind of a nasely voice and it is so cute.
Anytime he says no, he says NO WAY... and his yes is always a YEA SURE. Where do they come up with this stuff?

My most favorite though is when he says "I lub you". If you say it back, he will say it again in his angry voice. If you keep going, he gets raspier and louder I LUBBBBB YOU. He isn't really angry, just silly, but it is hilarious!

He also loves to give kisses, he loves to suprise you and every now and again he will say I LUB YOU and come to give you a kiss and instead you get a wet raspberry right on the lips.

He loves to play fight. Which I don't know why Hugo hasn't learned yet that his younger brother is much stronger than him. Hugo will start with a laughing HEE YAW and after about 5 punches Jack is still going and laughing and Hugo is screaming in pain. What do you expect though Hugo, when you throw the first punch?

Jack is also such a sweetheart. Every owweee can be instantly healed with a kiss. Really, I know kids that love kisses on their owweee's but Jack actually stops his tears or whines when you kiss it better. Plus he always says Thank you.

He can be such a stinker and he makes me crazy... but it is these things that keep me laughing through the day. I know I've missed some... I will have to edit again when I have more time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Roxy Marie

Roxy Marie Brown
I have been such a bad blogger lately but seeing as this is my only form of journaling I currently have, I really need to write a few details before they all slip my mind.

We went into the hospital on Friday the 19th at about 1 in the afternoon. I had a plan to be induced at 3 but I wasn't feeling so well. After we got the kids squared away and a yummy lunch, we headed on down. They got me all ready and hooked up pretty fast. We all took our guesses, and away we went.

It took a while before she decided to make her entrance. Once I got my epidural I tried to get some rest but about every 30 minutes some crazy alarms would go off in my room because I guess my blood pressure kept on dropping too low which made her heart rate drop. I had to be given some bp medicine through the iv.. no fun! I was getting so anxious and nervous, it was so scary. I could not rest at all, I kept throwing up and I guess on top of it all, she kept on turning the wrong way. Finally after hours and hours of being a 5, I turned uncomfortably on my left side, with a giant kidney bean looking ball helping out, she turned and bam! I was a ten and ready to push! Only 4 rounds of pushes later, she came out looking sideways. I guess she was still turned to the side, but she came out easily! It was 2:34 in the morning, she weighed 8pounds 7ounces and was 22 inches long.

She is super long and super skinny now. She has actually lost a lot of weight, which is no good. We are having to give her lots of formula to try and fatten her up and we have to go in for regular weight checks now until she gets back up to birth weight. Other than that though, she is a perfect little baby. She sleeps pretty well, is content most of the day. She loves to be held, she doesn't get too bothered by the crazy commotion of her 3 siblings. She is aware, and just such a joy.

Having 4 is still overwhelming, we are still getting used to it all. I have yet to leave the house for more than a couple hours... just give me a couple more weeks.

some random pictures, in a random order... these are all from Shawns and my camera phone... so don't expect professional...
Chantal snapped this of me right before we left.
We thought this sign was funny in front of Jimmy John's. We were hoping for such once we got there (a fast delivery, that is)
Some cuddle time with Lacy at the hospital
A blurry but cute picture of Hugo's first visit.
A random shot of Roxy's first bath. Clearly, she loved it!
The kids all beg, all day long to hold Roxy. Jack loves to have her on his lap this way and he cracks up when she kicks him. So sweet!
She sleeps with her mouth wide open, just like mommy.
Her most recent picture. She makes the cutest faces!

Lacy's first time holding her. She is SO EXCITED to have a sister!!!