Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Footy Pajamas

Ever wonder how to properly put on footy pajamas? Well Hugo has it down to an art and has graciously provided us here with a picture tutorial.

First you need to make sure you got the right ones. Make sure everything is right, no arms are inside out or anything.
Next find a clear enough work space and lay your PJs out flat on the ground. Make sure the arms and legs are outward.
Then sit right down in the middle and put your feet into the foot spot.
Then (with your serious face on) put your arms in the arm holes.
Then start the zip, still in the siting position.
For best results, lay down when you get to the hips and continue zipping until you get to the top.
Stand up and what do you know!!! You did it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's wishes

We went to our friend's Ryan and Becky's for New Years eve and had an absolute blast. We haven't been to a NYE party for years. We had great company, excellent food, fun games and after we rang in with kisses, cider and fireworks, Becky had paper lanterns for everyone that we all set off together. We grabbed one (thanks Becky!) to bring home and do with the kids.
So Sunday as soon as it got dark we took it to our parents for a little activity that I think will be our new, New Year's tradition.
(Jack was excited!)
Before unfolding it we each shouted out and then I wrote some one-word hopes we have for 2012. I started with my hope of health this year. Some others were spirituality, unity, peace, happiness, love and Logan even shouted out, a 6-pack.

We then took it out to the drive way, opened it up, lit the bottom and waited for it to fill up with hot air. We then all talked about how much better this year is going to be and all that we hope for ourselves and each other.

We watched our hopes float slowly above us.

Up above the palm trees
It was so magical.

I hope 2012 brings peace and happiness.
For you
for your family
for your kids
and for me.


We had planned on going to Prescott early in the week and then celebrate with the Browns on Thursday, but with us just barely out of the hospital we had to reschedule everything. Thankfully it worked out for everyone (well Mom, Ryan and Krista's family, Patrick and Chaz and our family. We missed TJ and Adelia and Kelly and Heather). We had a beautiful breakfast Christmas eve morning at Patrick and Chaz's house. We then opened gifts from each other and sat and visited while the kids played in the front yard.
Later that night we had a quick dinner with the Fullers and opened gifts that night. We were going to do it after church but Logan and Clarissa had to hurry over to his grandparent's so they could talk to Cole, Logan's brother, who is on a mission. It was a last minute switch but it worked out perfectly. Especially because I woke up throwing up Christmas morning. I think it must have been food poisoning because I was the only one hit with it and it left 24hrs later.
Shawn took the kids to church Sunday morning and then him, the kids and my parents came over and we opened presents at home. We had an early dinner with the Fullers, everyone but the Baxters were there. My dad's parents even stopped by. It was a great evening, even though I didn't feel that great.
Monday we had a great day playing croquet and spending a beautiful day outside. We then went to Prescott on Shawn's birthday (the 28th) and spend a few days with his mom and Ryan and Krista. The first half of our Christmas break was pretty tough, but the second week was great!
Our kids made out like bandits and got more toys than ever before. Shawn and I got lucky and got a REAL, grown up, camera!!!
YAY, no more phone picture updates.

Our Hospital visit in pictures via my phone

Hugo getting checked out.
They just told us we were getting a room. I guess Hugo doesn't know what he is getting into. Other wise he would not be smiling.
He was a little unsure of the CT machine. He did very well and laid perfectly still. He was so brave!
Jack came in for a visit and sat with him in his bed and they watched movies together. Little did we know, Jack would soon be getting his own room. The boys really missed each other those 6 days.
He was so brave getting his IV. This is on our way to the TOY ROOM where he got to pick a prize. He got to go twice and pick two toys. We only captured the first time. He was still his silly self.

He was so over-whelmed. He stood there for 5 minutes before deciding. There were so many cool things in that room.
He picked a box of blocks. He called it his machine. He would put in on his lap and arrange it lots of different ways, pushing buttons on his machine.
Grandma and Lacy brought him a bunch of gifts. This monkey was his favorite. He kept his "magic straw" (IV) safe.
After 3 days stuck in a hospital bed we asked for permission to go on a walk. They brought us a wagon and let us go with the IV on battery. We took a walk down to see the trains. He loved it! We ended up walking down there 4 times the next two days.
We had to snap a couple pictures of his room
He had lots of visitors. Grandma and Lacy thought he needed some Christmas in his room. He loved his tree and his Santa. As did all the nurses and doctors that came through.
He was such a trooper.
Lots of toys.
Some on loan from the Hospital.
This was on his way to get a second scan. We woke up this morning thinking he would be going home. Shortly after this picture we learned he would need surgery and we would be here another day.
While he was in surgery my parents took Jack into the ER. Some people at the hospital called me paranoid for thinking Jack had the same thing. I guess it goes to show that it is always better to be safe than sorry. I had two wristbands on. Something no mother should ever have to go through. They were put 3 doors down from eachother. At least they were close.
He was so sick, poor guy. They said his was way worse. That is why the opted for surgery right away, rather than trying to fix it with anti-biotics like they did with Hugo. I was glad because Hugo was immediately feeling better after surgery.
I opted to let Grandma stay with Jack for his CT. I had had enough radiation for a while. Jack was not as happy or still. He needed to be papoosed. Poor guy!
He cuddled with Grandma a lot that night.
He had a super high fever and two ear infections on top of everything else. We had to keep him undressed all night just to cool him off!
Hugo came down as soon as Jack got to his room. He brought him his Santa to help keep him safe. As soon as Hugo walked in Jack held up his hand and said, "look Hugo, I got a battery just like you!" That is what Jack called his IV. His cheerful attitude didn't last long. Poor guy felt so cruddy!
This is right before Jacks surgery. They gave him some meds to calm him down. You can tell he looks a little high.
Hugo came down to the waiting room with Charmaine while we were waiting for Jack to be done.
This was right before Hugo was able to go home. He's unhappy because they told him they were about to take his magic straw out. He wasn't happy because he was in there so long they had to change it once already. I think he thought he was getting it out to get a new one in. He was happy it was just out!
After Hugo woke up from surgery he was quiet and sweet. His biggest concern was that he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. He was cuddly and sicky sweet. He just wanted someone to sit with him and love on him. My sweet boy Jack did not respond so well. I think it was a reaction to the Versed, Lacy had the same reaction after getting stitches once. Jack screamed for hours and hours. He ripped his IV out, kicked Shawn in the face, punched and scratched anyone that came near. It is absolutely heartbreaking when you are trying to comfort your baby and he is out of control. There was no calming him. The nurses had to keep telling me that this is a common reaction, he has no inhibitions, and he will not remember any of it. I was a complete wreck. It had been a very, very, very long week.
He was released the next day, doing much better. We were all ecstatic to get home before Christmas. It was such blessing.
Both the boys and Shawn's cultures came back positive for strep. While we were in the hospital Lacy was in Prescott with Shawn's mom. She called me and said she thought Lacy had chicken pox. They took her to the Dr and they cultured her red bumps. It turns out she also had strep, it just expressed itself in a different manner. She then broke out in a head to toe rash a week into taking her anti-biotics. The Dr. said it was erythema multiforme It reacted just like he said it would and is now 90% gone. We then took Roxy to the Dr. She has double ear infections and Broncholitis which they said is caused by RSV. Luckily we have a nebulizer from when Hugo had RSV so my pediatrician gave her some albuterol and her own mask. She seems to be doing much better as long as I give her treatments 2-3 times a day. While we were at the Pediatrician with Roxy he told us a little more about the retropharengial abscess He said in his whole career he had only seen two. He told us how uncommon it is. He also told us how serious it is. He said there is nothing you can do to prevent it, nothing that will help guard you against it, no immunization that will prevent it, nothing. He said we should really be counting out lucky stars that we were celebrating Christmas and not 2 funerals. It really struck me that day.
While we were going through it all I was kind-of drone like. I was trying so hard to keep calm. I knew that it was happening and there was really nothing we could do except be there, say lots of prayers and hope for the best. I am now trying to be a little more patient, a little more kind, and to hug my kids a little longer. I don't know what I would do with out my two sweet boys. I am saying prayers of thanks everyday that we were one of the lucky ones that did not have to experience such a tragedy. I know there are lots of people out there that are a lot less lucky.
My little 4yr old cousin was not so lucky. She passed recently after a 4yr battle with down-syndrom. She was such a trooper. I know she was a blessing to the family and she will now bless them from the other side.
I don't know why different people have different trials. I don't know why some end in tragedy and some end in celebration. All I know is that there is a plan for each of us, and right now I am grateful for the lessons learned and for all the health we do have.

It has been a very hard December for the Brown house but we continue to thank our Heavenly Father for all that we are blessed with and ask for guidance for things that try us.