Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting ready..

Shawn's maternal family has been going to Yosemite every year for the past... well, forever and we are soo looking forward to going next weekend. Lacy has been talking about it since the minute she got back last year and the same the year before. It is by far the highlight of her year, and will be for us this year as well. We can all hardly wait. We got a new tent this year, seeing as last time we went we took my parents pop-up tent trailer that they no longer have. We are ecstatic to be in a tent this time and to not have to tow that thing again! Well we got the tent and we HAD to try it out before going, just to make sure all the pieces were there. Well the thing is HUGE. We had to clear out both couches in the family room... Enlist some help from three little munchkins...
and voila our whole room was filled from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The kids of coarse loved it! It was an easy set up, It will fit us all nicely and we are all even more excited then before to get on going. We will report more on the trip when we get back!!!

Here is a better picture of what it actually looks like!! It took up so much room in the room that I couldn't back away far enough to snap a shot!


Chantal, Clarissa, and I and our husbands all went on a super fun, note-worthy date last weekend. We took the lightrail over to Chase field and had dinner up at the TGIFridays and watched the last little bit of the diamondbacks game. We then took the lightrail back to Mill Ave and walked around and ended up hiking A-mountain. It was a little warm but it wasn't bad seeing as it was breezy and 10pm. We had so much fun laughing and playing like kids, without our kids! All except for the one moment on the lightrail when I got lost and thought everyone had left me. (Hence the sad-face).. they were all watching me squirm and thought it was pretty hilarious... punks!

Soccer Camp

Lacy just finished a 4 week soccer camp that she absolutely loved! We loved it too because it was indoors and kept her nice and busy. On the last day we noticed that she was the only girl in the class. It obviously never seemed to bother her (or us for that matter) seeing as it took so long for us to even see it. She loved it, learning about the game, the different positions, learning how to dribble, pass, and much more. She was so enthusiastic and most of all, she loved waving at us and making sure we were watching her "sweet moves!"

The only picture I snapped was the last day, with my phone, after the game when they were sitting around getting a thank-you and good job from the coach!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Shake it!

Lacy was playing on the wii doing some hula-hoop and it was just too hysterical not to share. The girl has got some serious moves! She is so funny!! I love this girl!