Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brian and Kelly

My very first nephew turned seven at the beginning of the month. I can remember when he was born I was on the phone with my sister just wishing so badly I could be there with her in Utah. I dumped out all my change and counted every penny (I think it had quite a bit, like $200 or something) I tried so hard to get enough money to fly to go meet him. I cried like a baby the first time I met him, he was so beautiful! Anyways, Brian is so sweet and spunky! He is smart and loves to do what is right. He is a cuddler and can have the whole room laughing. I love him so much and can't believe he is so old!! I love you Brian.. and I KNOW I'm his favorite!!!
Kelly turned 32 on Saturday!! Holy cow, we are getting old! When Shawn was on his mission I always felt like Kelly was my guardian angel looking out for me. Like he always "had my back". I'd see him at parties and I felt like he was just there making sure I was okay. I'm sure that wasn't the case, but I liked seeing him and he always made me feel safe. I love Kelly!! He is such a fun dad, you can just tell that his boys adore him. Heather too, she is just head over heals for him.. he is stubborn and sweet at the same time, I love you Kelly, Happy Birthday!!

Oh the drama...

Remember me telling you about Lacy and Carson on the first day of Preschool? Well the drama has continued. They are on and off and bff's and boyfriend girlfriend. They have a love/hate relationship, much more like siblings than anything else. They decided they didn't want to get married anymore and then the other day Carson said in the car, "Hey Lacy, maybe we could work it and and get married after all." She said, "ya maybe, we'll see." They are so hilarious. We just found out they are moving to dobson ranch, which is only a couple miles east of us so I'm sure we will still see them but I am sooo sad! They have been the best neighbors and I am sad that Carson isn't going to go to Fuller with Lacy anymore. Kristin has been my visiting teacher since I have moved into the ward and she has been the best one I have ever had. She has done so much for me, more than she'll ever know, and I love her and and am so grateful for her and all she has done. Thanks Kristin!! On Wednesday as Carson was getting out of the car he looks over at Lacy and says, "Bye ya little brat" and with out a moments hesitation and with a little giggle she responds right back at him, "Bye ya little monster!" It was the most adorable and almost horrifying thing I've seen the two of them do. So in love!! Hehe...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oh TV..

Oh Tv…
Sometimes when I am baking or crafting I take my laptop and watch episodes from some of my favorite TV shows. Well this morning I was watching the season finale of Hero’s that was just a couple weeks ago. It got me thinking…. also about last night’s Lost. Anyways it got me thinking about CHANGE.
In last night’s Lost Ben Linus shows that he is kind-of changing. Also in the last episode when he walks away from Sayid (who is changing for bad, or worse I should say, it seems) and it looks as if Ben is changing for good. Then he chooses not to go with Locke and stay at the beach and also to give Alex the recommendation instead of taking the position as the principal. He seems to be changing for good. And Jack and Richard with the stick of dynomite. Is Jack finally accepting his position as leader of the island? What do you think? Can people that bad (Ben) actually change for good?

Also Hero’s… if you watch Hero’s you should re-watch the last finale, it is SOOO good!! Also if you don’t watch it, you should! I think it is a brilliant under-appreciated show. So the finale…
Claire and Bennet are trapped underground, Tracy saves them.. no surprise there. Then they go to the carnival to try and save everyone from Samuel.
Samuel and Doyle are disgusting. They are those characters that make you just want to scream! That you actually route for them to die (like I was doing watching the Lovely Bones hoping the creep would die!) That is kind of what Syler used to be for me.
The last episode before this one Peter gets into Sylers head and they are stuck there for what they think is years. They grow close and my favorite scene is when they hit the brick wall and it starts to crumble. I absolutely love the symbolism. I have always loved Peter. This also reminded me of an episode years ago where Peter goes into the future and walks into Sylers house and he is baking and greets Peter with a hug and I think calls Peter, “uncle Peter” to a little girl. Anyways… then Syler and him finally break out of their dream and out of the basement and escape. Then they also go to the carnival. I get so excited when he shows up and saves Emma and says “I’m here to save you” then when Doyle says, “Your like me,” Syler says, “No, I’m a hero” I LOVE IT!! I love Syler, I so hope he stays good. He gives me chills!
Hiro and Charlie remind me of Peter Pan and Wendy how he is young and wants a life with her and she has grown old and is happy with her life. (Sorry, sidenote) Hiro then goes and saves all the special people. Its awesome!
At the very end Claire says to her dad, right before telling the world her secret, “You’re right, people don’t change” then it goes to Peter and Syler… he is so changing and it seems so sincere.
The foreshadowing and lines are killing me. Can people change?? I think in reality people can and do change. I think we all go through crap in our lives. I believe strongly in forgiveness and that we can be forgiven and we can truly change. What do you think?

Weird how stupid TV shows can get you thinking so much..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prepare to be AMAZED...

Okay... I know I can be crafty sometimes and I don't usually like to brag but this was a project definitely worth bragging about. It wasn't my brains but it was my brawns and I did execute it all on my own. Its a project I did with my sisters Chantal and Clarissa and Chantal's super genius mother-in-law just sat down and designed in 10 mins when Clarissa told her what she wanted to do. She helped us and guided us through every step of the way. She was amazing and with out her there is no way we would have been able to complete such a task... but still... LOOK WHAT I DID!!

step 1: materials and all the right tools
step 2 (or 3 or 4 maybe): after cutting 2x4's in the appropriate size screw them together in squares (it is all actually very exact and if it wasn't just right we would take it apart and do it again!)step 17: take a rest
step 35: screw in pieces for your seat (the master-mind, Jane, below helping fix someones mistake)step 77: put the back on the chair. finally started to look like a chair, with the help of a cute little boy who loves tools! (working is always a lot more fun if the kids are happy!)
step 102: write love notes and positive affirmations on your seats that will never be seen. I believe in good karma and positive attitudes. I believe that my kids will feel the love that was put into these chairs when they read stories or play house, or whatever it is they will do. I LOVE MY MESSAGES.
step 145: (was also step 3, 15, 18, 37 and 88): find more screws! and a cute lady to collect them never hurts!
step 161: wrestle over staple gun
step 162: staple fabric
step 190: upholster foam under fabric
step 250: cardboard, staples fabric, foam - its coming together!
step 300-815: staple, unstaple, upholster, unupholster, attach, unattatch, reattach, stretch, cut, rip, stretch, match, hammer, screw, staple, glue, sweat, etc. etc. etc... and so I have a semi 99% kind of wonky finished product but I could not love it anymore. Lots of love and sweat, a little bit of tears and blood, hardly any money at all (only going to IKEA and letting the kids pick out their own fabric) and voila...