Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spread the Shine

One of my brother's best friend's wife, Ashley started this amazing project, called The Shine Project. She says it's purpose is to inspire you to live the highest quality of life obtainable, and to motivate you to join our efforts in making this world a better place.
Well, she started this branch of the project called, Pass it Forward. It kind of reminds me of the movie, Pay it Forward. Its the same idea, you do something nice for somebody, they do something nice for somebody else. The idea is the same, just as huge, to change the world. The only difference is she has these cards with unique id#s on them where you can go on the website and write what you did and then see where your act have kindness has gone. Its pretty rad. Well she gave a group of people some cards as a first round to spread the word. She asked me to be in that group and I totally stressed. I am a kind person, I like to think. But I am not a "random act of kindness" kind of person. I am on OCD, well thought out, carefully executed act of kindness kind of person. Well she gave me the card, with number 11 on it. (WHAT, my favorite number, awesome!) and said, do it and blog it by Friday. Well, that was weeks ago. (whoops)
I just kept on hoping I would happen upon someone with a flat tire or a mom with screaming kids in the grocery store I could help, or someone in need. I even prayed about it. That I would happen upon a random moment that I could randomly act in kindness. I am 100% aware that I am totally over-thinking this and putting way too much time and effort into something that should be so simple. Everyone talks about their acts like paying for the Starbucks for the next person and giving an extra tip for the waitress. Duh! That would be so easy, do that Jenny!!
Well, I have problems, deal with it. Anyways... I was about to give up, just copy someone else's "random" act... when a friend posted on Facebook that she had some baby formula she was willing to give away. Well I butted in and said "me too!". Lame, I even stole her act. I was going to even take some, then leave some. So I was taking something and leaving something, and she was too, and I was going to call that my act, which was really hers in the first place, and call it my own.
Well, as I was about to leave my kids were playing in the back yard I saw them ignoring this rocking horse that they never play with and my husband isn't too fond of. I then thought of my friend's little girl. My friend had mentioned how much her daughter loves her rocking chair so I thought maybe she would love the horse. So I threw it in the car and figured I would offer it to her. Also on the way I had to make a quick stop at Trader Joe's, as I was there I thought about my friend and how she has been having a rough week, 8 months pregnant, and still offering other friends things, and I'm stealing her kindness. So I grab her a few treats and some flowers, just as a thank-you, I guess. I'm feeling guilty for thinking about stealing her kindness.
So I show up to her house and she gives me the formula and I have this quick thought. I'm an idiot. I give her the formula to pass on. Take what she is giving me. Offer her the horse for her daughter and tell her she is off the hook for this $40 she owes me for a business thing. Then my 7yr old daughter gets out of the car with the bag of treats and flowers and for some reason we both start crying. I knew that my random act of kindness was worth the wait. I feel bad that I didn't blog about it when Ashley asked me to, but I'm glad I waited for the right moment. I just had this moment of clarity from my Heavenly Father. This friend has been inspiring me lately. She is kind and thinks about others and what is important.
Anyways, back to the project, its pretty awesome. Check it out!! Maybe you can have as cool as an experience as I did.

We are also teaming up with The Shine Project for the boutique this year. Its gonna be pretty awesome!

Lacy's birthday

Lacy talks about her birthday year round. Each day she thinks of something she wants to do. "For my birthday dinner I want... For my birthday breakfast I want... for my birthday I want to go to... I want to play with.."
She must think about it non stop! Well this year she knew she wanted to have a sleep over with her mimi and have fried eggs for breakfast and play with her cousins in Prescott. It was all within reason, thank heavens, so she got exactly what she wanted. Her great Aunt Laurie has a birthday the day after her's so all her aunties from Cali were also visiting. It was such a great weekend with family! We played so much that the only pictures we got were just these few right as she was about to eat the giant cupcake Mimi made. Of corse, per request, from Lacy.

I can't believe I have a 7 YEAR OLD!

She is told on a DAILY basis that she has the most beautiful hair. By complete strangers, daily! She is smarter than I ever was. She is emotional and sensitive. She is bossy and always wants to be in charge. She thinks about each one of her cousins all the time and misses EACH one of them. She knows each one of their names, even the babies and asks about them. She is so aware of the world around her and asks such detailed questions. She is going to be in the peace core or senate one day and change the world, or do it silently with out ever getting recognition. But mark my word, she is going to make a difference in the world. Her heart is bigger than any of us know, she boils over with emotion (and sometimes drama) but I know its all just so hard for her to even understand sometimes. She is a special soul. I love her so much and so glad she is mine.