Friday, February 29, 2008

still sick..

unfortunately we are still sick! we were out running errands and lacy had just about had it and she was crying in the car. i thought her eyes looked so beautiful i had to take a picture. she is a gorgeous little girl- even crying with pink rosey cheeks and a blue mouth (she just had a blue/green candy)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My turn for sickies!

I know I just copy Chantal in everything I do.. but now my kiddies (and me) have the flu! Yuck! Hugo has been hot and grumpy for the last couple days, and Lacy was acting funny all yesterday, not eating, not wanting to play and she even took a nap! Then last night she woke up in the middle of the night and said she didn't feel good, that she had a sore throat. I gave her some medicine, took her temperature (103.5!) then laid with her until she went back to bed. Then this morning when I woke up I also had 100+ temp.

Being sick is no fun! My parents had the flu on Sunday and luckily for them it was just a 24 hour flu. I'm hoping we will be lucky and it will be gone tomorrow! I gave lacy some tylenol to get her fever down, and after a bath she already seems better. She wanted me to paint her nails and put "lot of ponies" in her hair. Hugo has been sleeping most of the day so hopefully he will be rested and happy as well. We are just having a lazy day watching movies and trying to get better.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun FILLED Saturday!

Saturday morning we went to a Primary Activity day all about bike safety. They had a local police man there talking about safety, helmets, laws, etc. They got to have some yummy snack and they got to go on a sweet bike obstacle course. Lacy loved it all!! Thanks Grandma for inviting us!Shawn and Mark on a Bicycle Built for Two! :) They were goofing around while the kids were doing thier safety day!
Hugo was happy to get all the attention and even though he was in his stroller most of the time, he was really happy and smiley!

The police man had turned his car off but left his lights and siren on to show the kids, and his battery went dead. Good citizens Shawn and Mark came to the rescue and helped him get his car started again! (We thought it was really funny!)

Even funnier was when Lacy climbed into the back of the police car while this was all going on. Thats a sight I never want to have to see again!!

After the activity we went and got subway with Mark and Caroline and then went to Dale and Shelly's and played Rock Band! It was way super fun.. Shawn wouldn't know though, he spent the whole time in the other room talking to Shelly about her yard (I assume) he said the whole music thing isn't his cup of tea- he would have like it though :)

Then, as if we hadn't had enough this weekend, we went over to Patrick and Chaz's for awesome hamburgers and to play Wii. We had a bunch of fun, and Pat makes a mean hamburger!! Yum!

Lacy after all the craziness, in her cute hair turbon... she's adorable!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My home(s)

I am trapped inside today because we are having our house painted!! I am so excited! So since I am trapped in my house I was inspired to post about my house.
Since I have been married, we have lived in 3 very different houses. Our first house be bought in Gilbert and it was a lovely little home! I loved it!! It was 1500 sq feet right by an elementary school. It was super cute with a nice sized grassy yard. It was a perfect first house, and even a perfect house for a growing family. Well we sold it when the real estate was booming. We sold it for way more than we payed for it, the day we put a sign in our yard (it wasn't even listed).
Then we moved to Queen Creek to a gynormous 2800 sq feet house on more than an acre. It was beautiful and we dumped all our money (from selling our last house) into it... it was way too big and way too much for us, I realize that now! I loved the house, but didn't love the location. The only thing I really miss about this house is all the storage. My hallways were lined with beautiful cabinets and we had a huge 3 car extended garage. Oh.. and the double shower ;)
Well now we live in a very old, and very run down 1200 sq foot home... AND ITS MY FAVORITE!!! I love it here, way more than I ever thought I would. I almost cried the first time I walked through the house thinking, I am going to move HERE? It's my in-laws house and we moved in, with the plan and hopes of making some money re-modeling it. We have painted (both inside and out), re-carpeted, took down the popcorn ceilings, put all new light fixtures and ceiling fans in.. and thats just the begining. I love the quaintess of this cute little house. I love my ward and the area... I couldnt be happier. (I just wish we had more storage)! I love it here! I'm posting the before pics we took and when the outside is done, I'll post after pics. You'll be amazed (just like I am!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Great FHE

Every once in a while, usually once a month or so we have a nice Fuller Family home evening. I always love them! My dad is usually the one who gives the lessons and they are usually on Zion. Building Zion, being a Zion family- he's got a whole discorse on it, he's amazing. But last night my mom gave the lesson.

The point of the lesson was to study you scriptures or other church material with a purpose. And when you study you get more from it, and you become better. Your family grows closer, your marriage gets better, the home is happier, etc. It was an awesome lesson. But something in the lesson really hit me hard, and it didn't really even have much to do with what we were talking about at all.

In a few months we are going on a cruise as a family. My mom was telling us that when ever they (my parents) go on vacation they always have the opportunity to share the gospel. That most places they go they have given someone a Book of Mormon. That every where they go they either tell someone about themselves or people recognize they are different and they ask them why. My mom was then saying that we should strive to stand out. That when we are on the cruise (but really, everyday) we should yearn for people to ask us why we are different. There will be 11 adults on the cruise and we will all dress nicely, not drink, you know the usual stuff, having good clean sober fun... and hopeully we will be noticed for that. It just hit me though.. I hope I am truly different, in a good way. I hope that people around me... weather its my neighbors, other kids parents that Lacy plays with, our own friends, etc... I hope they notice Christ's light shining through my countenance.

Its a good thing to strive for... I've been thinking about it all morning, so I thought I would share.

Monday, February 18, 2008


these are some random pictures that i just downloaded off my camera. i thought they were pretty cute!
lacy got a tent that she just loves! its super cute!
lacy is showing her strong muscles while eating spaghetti and meatballs
showing off her way cute new pjs. i dont remember taking this picture, but she looks super happy and cute!

he's the man! charmaine gave him this cute onesie, he wears it every sunday!
these GORGEOUS flowers Shawn gave me on Valentines.. and it was even my turn to do it this year (we switch off Valentine's and Anniversary) He's so wonderful!! and this pictue was taken today, they have looked so good!!!

the kids playing on my bed... i love it when they are sweet to eachother and so happy

part of my new calling the in the relief society is that i have to make birthday cards for all the sisters in the ward.. i am running out of ideas.. have any more for me?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy (late) Love Day

but really its not late. today is my parent's anniversary, so its very much a love day in my family. the day it all began...
lots of kisses (as Lacy likes to call it)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the many faces of a MIGRAINE

migraine (mī'grān') : A severe recurring headache, usually affecting only one side of the head, that is characterized by sharp, throbbing pain and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and visual disturbances. Vasodilation in the brain causes inflammation that results in pain, but the exact cause of migraine is unknown

I have lots of different types of migraines. I like to name them...

I have the food headache- the headache is caused either by certain foods (like chocolate) or a lack of food. If I skip a meal at all, I will usually get a headache. If this is the only reason for this headache and I catch it soon enough... all I have to do is eat to get it to go away. When I was young Sister Awerkamp told my mom to give me french fries and mayonaise and I still to this day crave french fries when I have a starving headache.

I have the smelly headache- the one that I get from strong scents. Like a really strong perfume, candle, smoke, etc. It depends on how long I am exposed or how strong the smell is to determine how strong the headache will be.

Then there is the crying headache- this is the one that I get when I have been too emotional. Have been in a fight, even if I have had a spiritual overdose (if there is such a thing) Caused by crying then I end up crying... loose loose here!

On of the most common headaches, especially for mother, the screaming headache! This one is caused by loud obnoxious noises. Listening to long periods of loud music, scream children, and sadly enough for me, sometimes church will give me a screaming headache. Especially since my ward uses microphones in EVERY CLASS!!

There are lots more, that I dont have time to explain them all, but here are a few names:

The room-is-spinning headache
I'm blacking-out headache
I'm going-to-puke
the I Havent slept in a week headache

I'm sure you can imagine all the posibilites of headaches for us migraine-getters!! ahh!!

Every once in a while I have a really bad one that I call the snorkel headache. This is a headache that is caused by lots of different headaches. It gets so bad that I draw a bath as hot as I can stand it, turn off all the lights, find my snorkel and submerge myself completely in the scalding water. I have the snorkel so I never have to come up for air... and I basically try to burn the headache away!

Now the worst one for me is when all these elements are combined, no sleep, no good food, lots of loud noises, no medicine, weeklong headache... that turns into a fall asleep on the toilet headache. thats the one I had last night. I call it that because when I was little I would get them so bad there was nothing to do, but fall asleep on the toilet. I would be so nausiated that I would be haging over the toilet puking or trying to puke and crying and upset.. and I would stay this way for so long I would just fall asleep, all balled up on the toilet. Sad, but true!

Yes... that is me

I was finished but i kept thinking of more stupid headaches... the stress headache... the traveling headache... the weather changing headache... the reading/strudying headache... the hypochondriac headache (the one you get when you talk about them) if you get that one, sorry if I just gave you a headache!

you got anymore?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

So just when I think I'm running out of things to post about....

Yesterday the kids and I were over at my mother-in-law's house and Lacy was playing peek-a-book with Mimi in her closet while she was doing the laundry. While playing so happily, she ran over her foot with the sliding closet door. It took her a minute to scream but once she did, it was like bloody murder. I quickly picked her up because I saw she was bleeding and ran her to the sink so she didn't bleed on Mimi's white carpet!

It was super deep and super groose! I am such a baby when it comes to stuff like this. I am actually getting queasy just thinking about it right now. We washed it off and held a rag with pressure on it. It blead through the rag a couple of times, so we duct-taped some gause and quickly got in the car to go to the ER. My mother-in-law had a primary activity to go to so my mom was an angel and dropped what she was doing and came with me to help- THANK GOODNESS!

Lacy was pretty good in the car and even in the ER waiting room, until the doctor asked if he could un-tape her foot. She kicked and screamed and they knew there was no way they could stitch her up with her being so strong and so wiggly. When it was time they took us into a private room and they gave her some verset (i think thats what its called and how its spelled??) to calm her nerves. Oh man, it was way too funny!! Within 30 seconds she was totally high! She was giggling, happy, she could barely talk, she was drooling, she even said thank-you when they gave her shots in her foot. She was so funny!

Well she got 3 stitches in her foot and has to wear only slippers for the next 10 days. She is being just fine and will let me change the dressings on her foot with-out any problems. The only problem we have had since being home is when she came off the verset. Oh man.. there are some nasty side effects. She was delirious, violent, shakey, self destructive, and even euphoric all within a couple hours.

yea, its sideways, get over it!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Man Blog

Check out Shawn's "Man Blog" and show your husbands, its pretty clever!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

my fun little BOY... yes his name is Boy

So a sister from my Relief Society called to tell me that Hugo's church records had his name spelled wrong. When we filled the paper work out when he was blessed we wrote his name in the appropriate places, but I guess they thought we spelled it wrong. Shawn's dad is Roy and we were considering it for a middle name, but thats already Cameron's middle name. Well alot of people in the ward know the family and I guess they thought when we wrote BOY we meant to write ROY... so they so considerately changed it for us.

We meant to put BOY.. its his middle name. Its a really popular name in the Philippines, where Shawn served his mission... and we just fell in love with it. Hugo Boy Brown. Doesn't it sound cute?

We are going to have to get that fixed- his church records.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Sweet Girl!

Lacy was such a good girl today. She gets sweeter and less of a terrible two (or now three) every day! Today we played all day. She had such a good morning I treated her with one of her favorite things and we went to QT and got an icee. (She got that from her Mimi who takes her to Target and gets her Icee's and Popcorn- she has the best grandparents in the world!!) Then we went to grandmas and helped her paint. Lacy was so good, she just colored, watched Mickey Mouse and even took a nap! Then tonight when we got home we put our PJ's on and jumped on the trampoline, played boxing on the WII and she even let me take pictures of how beautiful she lookes! Her hair was perfect today- its usually a total scady-wompus mess. Her hair usually matches her personality, suprisingly!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Vote!!!

Don't forget to vote!! You still have a few more hours!! If I can do it by myself with 2 crazy kids (if you knew Lacy, you know what I mean!) I waited in a huge long line then got to the front and didn't have enough identification, had to go back out to the car and back in. PLUS, they were short pole workers so they had 3 different voting precincts voting at the same place, so as you can imagine, it was a ZOO!! And I did it all by myself (with no help, I mean).. so if I can do it, anyone can do it!
The huge long line that wrapped back and forth in this little church
I thought Lacy would be the stinker and Hugo would be perfect.. but Lacy was really good and Hugo cried almost the whole time! They always surprise me!
I got lucky and caught him at his one happy moment! He is so cute!
The guy giving us the stickers put one right on Hugo's head. Lacy thought it was hilarious.. he was totally oblivious, I guess at 3 months thats all you can expect.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tag.. You're it!

Clarissa has tagged me... she wrote 6 really cute things about herself that you may or may not know, so I am following suit and writing 6 things you may not know about me! A fun little get to know you game.

1. My name is Jenny and I'm addicted to shoes. How do you know if you have a shoe-shopping addiction? Take a few moments to consider the following. Have you ever lied about a shoe purchase to friends and family? Have you ever experienced shortness of breath at the sight of a shoe sale? Do you talk to your shoes as if they were people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then welcome to the club. We embrace you with open arms and empty wallets. (I copied most of that from a different website, because it applied so well!)
2. I am allergic to chocolate. Fudge and cocoa are alot worse than milk chocolate or other more mild chocolates but I will still get sick if I eat too much of any chocolate. I went to an allergy doctor when I was little (for all different kinds of allergies) and I would go regularly and get allergy shots. They would give me little tiny doses of what I was allergic to, I guess so my immune system would become immune to whatever I was allergic to. Well I never really ate chocolate much, or even liked it. Then I discovered Dove milk chocolate and Thrifty's chocolate ice cream. I am doing my own little experament and I have a small piece of chocolate every day. Or during last summer I would almost every day have a scoop of chocolate ice cream. One day I will be immune. Hopefully not though, because then I would be tempted to eat it all day long. I love Dove chocolate, it is definitely my vice. A dangerous vice!

3. I love love love Arizona summers. I'm with Clarissa on this one. I am a true Arizona native through and through. I dont like to sweat all that much but even getting into a hot car isn't bad as long as I'm not wet. I like the dry heat. Either dry or pouring rain- I know they are complete opposites but thats what I like, I don't like humidity if its not going to rain. I love monsoon season! Going to sleep with the blinds open so I can watch the thunderstorms! Dancing outside in the rain. Nothing is better than warm rain that you can enjoy outside.
I love this temple picture- I have it up in my home. The Mesa Temple after its been raining- It's Beautiful!!

4. I love buying, giving and wrapping gifts. Everything about it. I love thinking about people and what to get for them- trying to think of things specific people would like. I love wrapping gifts and making them look pretty. Beautiful paper and big ribbons and bows! I love giving gifts and watching people open them. Watching their faces and reactions to the gifts you put time and effort into. I love it! My family knows.. for quite a while I've asked my parents to let me be santa for them. I love picking out the pijamas for the family, or any other gifts they will let me do for them then watch the family open them. I love it all!!!

5. I am really really afraid of holes. I hate holes. I have to sleep with the holes of my pillows away from my head. I also hate the drains in showers. I wont step on them or get very close. When I was little I used to always get a rag and cover the drains in the shower when I would shower. I hate the port a potties that are just a bottom-less pit. I am terrified, I have to cover the whole hole with tp before I will use one. Randal got a tumor or something on his neck once and when they removed it he had a big fat hole- I was really scared of it, it was ridiculous!

6. I LOVE to paint. My hubby thinks I'm wierd. I love to paint rooms, walls, furniture, canvas'. Any kind of painting. To me, its therapeutic. I could paint all day if the fumes didn't make me loopy. This picture was in our first house, in our first nursery. I painted the walls super cute and these letters that I hung above Lacy's bed. They matched her bedding. I love to decorate my house, but really I love to Paint all over my house!
Well Clarissa got tagged by Charmaine, I got tagged by Clarissa, so I'm tagging..... CHANTAL!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I love my hubby!! (cont...)

I loved reading Liz and Clarissa's little tribute to their husbands, so I thought it would do the same and let everyone know how much I love Shawn Brown. Its almost Valentine's Day so the time is right, but really, I love him all the time. We had a song we used to always sing to eachother, Stevie Wonder's, "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" and in our case it is so true! Not just on Valentines Day, but every day! I love Shawn more and more every day! He is such a good husband, father, brother, son, uncle, friend, everything!! Everyone that truly knows Shawn, absolutely loves him. He is funny, charming, handsome, and so Christ-like. He is such a wonderful person and my very best friend! I am so lucky to have him for all eternity!