Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Jenny Jenny Jenny

Well since I put Lacy on blast and I love Shay enough... I will tell you my most embarrassingmoment as of recent that happened at Target. The day after it happened I called Charmaine and told her and she had to pull over because she was laughing so hard (at my expense) she almost crashed her car!!
Well anyways... it was late one night when I needed to do a quick Target run for somethingreally really important. Something like toilet paper or toothpaste. I can't really remember what it was. All I know is that it was past Jack's bedtime and I had him with me and he was a little cranky. So I ran it planning to run quickly out when I spotted the dang cutest little ruffly black tank top right in the front of the store.
And if you know my Target, you walk right into the women's clothing section. It's a smaller Target, so its also right by the dollar spot, the the left of the food court and caddy corner to the check out. Needless to say, I was visible to tooo many people! Well anyways... I had on a tight grey shirt and I thought to my self, I can just try it on real quick in front of this mirror, right on top of this shirt and be quick and done with it.
Well I tried it on (and to make the story worse, it wasn't even cute on!) So I quickly took it off, with Jack whining and clawing at me and I started my way to the pharmacy section... (YES, I didn't notice right away..) When I looked down in my hands and realized that with the tank top, I had REMOVED MY SHIRT!!!! YES.. I was standing in target in my over the shoulder boulder holder... LIKE A FOOL!!!
And you know how when you scream, DON'T LOOK, everyone looks? Well I said, at a far too loud decibel, "OH MY GOODNESS!" And everyone turns and looks at me like I am a total and complete FREAK... what is that crazy lady doing with her shirt off, I try and turn my shirt the right side out, and get it on while running to find an alone space that doesn't seem toexist anywhere in the universe!! And by now my shirt is certainly made of GLUE and will not cooperate and Jack isn't helping. By now the toilet paper doesn't seem so important. Except IT IS... I HAVE to get it!!! Oh my heavens. I am sure the perv security guards if they even exist, enjoyed watching the surveillance tapes on repeat.
Kill me!!
No, not really, I am definitely one to laugh at myself.... after a few months :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

The kind that beavers build

Oh that Lacy...

The other day we were driving to get an after school treat when she was playing her FAVORITE game, the rhyming game. It hardly ever ends well.... this time it went a little something like this,
" bat, rat, Lacy, bacy, Hugo, bugo, shoe, two, slam, dam... Oh but mommy, its not like a bad word or anything, its the kind that beavers build."

at first I died laughing, then I thought, "What the HECK are the teaching my kid in school!!"
This doesn't even compare to the night before we were at Target, (yes for those of you who know it was the Target and if you ask real nicely and I really love you, I will tell you of my most embarrassing moment which happened at Target) well Lacy was once again playing the rhyming game and she was in the cart and we had a conversation that went like this, starting with her rhyming game

Lacy: itchy, b****y
ME: Oh Lacy don't say that, thats not very nice.
Lacy: What, itchy?
ME: No, the other thing
Lacy: b****y?
ME: YES LACY, don't say it! (I was a little flustered, ok, don't judge!)
Lacy: What does b****y mean?
ME: Lacy stop saying it! Its just not a very nice word, its very bad, and you say it when you are being very mean. (I'm not very good under pressure, OK!)

Anyways, she went on to say it another 7 times and I was blushing as the other moms around me were laughing and giving me funny looks like, "control your potty mouth child!"
Ahhh!! What are we to do with children!!