Friday, December 26, 2008

cute Lacy story

The other day while I was making Christmas treats for Shawn's co-workers and some friends in the ward, Shawn decided to come home for lunch. A few minutes after he got home Lacy comes in from the bathroom, soaking wet, with her pants in her hands and goes on to tell us that she has made a big mess in the bathroom, using too much toilet paper. She tells us she is very sorry and asks if she should go to time out in her bedroom because she "knows better". We tell her that she doesn't have to because it was very good of her to come in and tell us what she did and that she was very sorry. We go to check the damage and come to find that she has overflowed the toilet and flooded the bathroom. She is very sad and remorseful and with a very sad look on her face asks us,
"does Santa still love me?" awh... of corse he does.
Then, "does Jesus still love me?" yes... he always will.
"do you guys still love me?"
"will you love me until I am a hundred and fifty one years old?" Yes we will love you forever and ever and ever and will never stop.
It was a sweet moment with Lacy, I know she's got in in her ;)
A picture of the treats we made

I also just had to throw this picture I snapped on my camera phone in here... It was a Merry Christmas from QT!! More Christmas posts to come. We have had a great holiday week so far, I hope you all did too!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas cards

I am getting ready to send out Christmas cards, one of my favorite things to do!

So if you want a card, can I have your address?

You can e-mail it to me at or just post it here if you want. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I showed up to my moms house today and we totally matched. Nice!

And this little guy is just too cute!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finally time for Christmas

I have been super sick lately due to the baby in my tummy who likes me to throw up and have headaches all the time. I just have to keep telling myself what my mom told me when I was pregnant with Hugo... The sicker I am, the healthier the baby.

Well because of being sick, I haven't blogged at all lately but I also haven't been very good at keeping my house clean. Well today I had a good day and decided to use it as best I could.

Lacy and I put up all the Christmas decorations, including the tree and I hung the christmas lights ALL BY MYSELF. You really should be proud, this is a huge accomplishment for me. The only bad thing was I pounded my thumb with the hammer on accident once and it is still throbbing. I also got a lot of laundry done, mopped the whole house, straitned some of the rooms... but for me... today was a success.

a success i might regret in the morning when i wake up sore and throwing up.

Susan's Golden Birthday

While the Jones' were here for Thanksgiving we had a super fun mini-party for Susan's 2nd birthday, up on south mountain. It was a tutu party for her turing two on december 2nd! Special little girl!! Only WE would have a tutu party in the desert. True hillbillies if you ask me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We had fun cooking hotdogs and quesidillas, climbing big rocks, swinging on the swings, kicking some dirt, eating cake... all with the little girls in tutus!


I didn't get any pictures on my camera of Thanksgiving, but we had a wonderful weekend filled with family and delicious food. I am so grateful for all the blessing I have and consider my life to be the happiest and most loved of anyone I know :)

Thats it for my Thanksgiving post, short and sweet!

Wow... I have a LOT to catch up on

November 8th my baby boy had his 1st birthday!

We had our family over on Sunday and had a little mini party including dinner, cake and presents. Hugo's favorite was definitly getting to sit in his diaper in the middle of the table and have at his very own, very huge cupcake presented in his very own new tractor. He loved it all!

I still can't figure out how to get video's onto this computer so once the other one is back up, I might post some hilarious videos of him eating his cake!

Some of my favorite things about Hugo:
-his cuddle hugs
-his walk with his arms always up in the air
-the sound he makes when playing with toy cars
-he is such a sweetheart
-getting stopped everywhere I go and people telling me I have the most beautiful baby (i know its vain but come on, have you seen the little guy?)
-he is such a good sleeper
-he isn't picky when it comes to food
-how he misses his sister when she is at school
-his laugh and how much he loves to play
-his huge teethy grin

He is my perfect angel baby and is such a gift for us in our home. I could go on for days about all the cute little quirks and sweetness that is my baby boy... I guess you'll just have to meet him and see it for yourself!