Monday, January 28, 2008

First time blogger!

I'm new to the blogging world, so bear with me! Happy 2008! Today is actually my little Lacy's 3rd birthday, she is growing up too fast! We actually celebrated yesterday having a nice dinner and cake with family so I don't feel that bad for sitting at the computer. I decided to join the crowd and start my own blog. I am constantly stalking my sisters blogs (Charmaine, Chantal, Krista and now Clarissa) so I figured I would give in and start one myself.
I pride myself on being very crafty and creative. Scrapbooking, quilting, painting, card making, decorating, designing things on the computer, even cooking... but when you ask me to write, all creativity quickly leaves! I just got called to the Enrichment committee in my ward working with the lady who does the newsletter. I am the "spotlight specialist" and birthday lady. I have to call sisters and get to know them, then write a spotlight on them for the newsletter. I also get to make birthday cards and send them to all the sisters in the ward on their birthday (this one I am super excited about!) But anyway, I thought maybe this would be good practice for writing spotlights.
I love getting on my sister's blogs and reading about the fun days they have with their kids or husbands, or little thoughts they have had through the day. It helps me to feel closer to them, especially Chantal and Krista since I don't see you guys as often. Its like a nice little open journal for everyone to read (like I said, I like to stalk!!) So I'm going to go for tonight but I will try to post when something cute happens with the kids, or when I have a fun thought.
Peace out!


Chantal said...

your hedder is so cute! and you are a good writer, you can whip up a poem like a pro!

brownymama said...

Cute blog! You already have it done beautifully. I'm so excited that we can keep in touch better with our blogs! I had no idea you'd ever read mine! And Happy Birthday Lacey!!!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

so cute jenny!

randalswife said...


Jeff & Sonnet Boulton said...

oh wow, how fun that you found us!
how did you find our blog?
I am totally clueless on blogging really, I started just last Nov. I think. You're family is adorable!!And your blog is way fancy cute. You are now added to my blog favorites list!