Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Barack did apparently Rock the Vote. Congrats... should we be afraid?? He wasn't my first choice, by any means, but we'll make it work, I hope! I'm not going to lie, I was a little discouraged... but I feel really awesome this morning after checking out the results of the election and finding out that ...

Proposition 102 PASSED in Arizona

Proposition 2 PASSED in Florida
and perhaps the biggest surprise and the biggest victory is that Propositon 8 PASSED in California.

Boyd K. Packer said on Sunday in our Stake conference that was broadcast around all of Arizona (in regards to prop 102) It is NOT a Political cause, it is a MORAL cause. I thought it was an awesome explination of why the church was so involved. They usually don't get into anything political and tell you how or what to vote. I was impressed and I do feel it is a great win that marriage is that much more protected in these 3 states.
I'm going to call this one a VICTORY.


Whitehorn Family said...

Amen to that!

scott and lindsey said...

I agree! At least we are still holding on to something that is moral in this country and I'm glad to know that most people will agree!

brownymama said...

It's about time you updated! I had fun catching up on your blog. And I, too, am so relieved these props passed!!!

Elise said...

I am so glad that you keep me in the loop with politics! You are so right, this is a victory!

Anonymous said...

Brain-washed crap that dejects society with more hate and dislike.

What happens then when you are in your 30s and you have a child who is homosexual? Do you not want your child to have the right to be an equal human being?

You claim that it is a moral cause, but in fact, you are promoting hate and genocide.