Friday, December 26, 2008

cute Lacy story

The other day while I was making Christmas treats for Shawn's co-workers and some friends in the ward, Shawn decided to come home for lunch. A few minutes after he got home Lacy comes in from the bathroom, soaking wet, with her pants in her hands and goes on to tell us that she has made a big mess in the bathroom, using too much toilet paper. She tells us she is very sorry and asks if she should go to time out in her bedroom because she "knows better". We tell her that she doesn't have to because it was very good of her to come in and tell us what she did and that she was very sorry. We go to check the damage and come to find that she has overflowed the toilet and flooded the bathroom. She is very sad and remorseful and with a very sad look on her face asks us,
"does Santa still love me?" awh... of corse he does.
Then, "does Jesus still love me?" yes... he always will.
"do you guys still love me?"
"will you love me until I am a hundred and fifty one years old?" Yes we will love you forever and ever and ever and will never stop.
It was a sweet moment with Lacy, I know she's got in in her ;)
A picture of the treats we made

I also just had to throw this picture I snapped on my camera phone in here... It was a Merry Christmas from QT!! More Christmas posts to come. We have had a great holiday week so far, I hope you all did too!


mimi said...

WE love that girl!!!!

Ross and Brittany Chambers said...

what a cute story! i love the things that kids say!

Kristin Hamblin said...

I love the story. Thanks for sharing. I can totally picture Lacy telling you what happened.

Nate and Lori said...

$1.43? Wow! I thought it was cheaper here than in AZ but we are still at $1.53. I'm certainly not complaining though!

Elise said...

What a cute story! That was sure sweet of her to come and tell you!

Blonde doesn't Equal Dumb! said...

Hey girly, Lacy is too cute!
You can tell that she is a smarty pants!!
Thanks for hangin out last week, it was fun!
p.s. I found a pair of pink little girl shorts are they Lacy's?