Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fun Date Night

Ok, so I promise this post won't be so fetching LONG this time, holy cow!!! I write entirely too much on my posts... sorry about that!

We dont get to go out much, Shawn and I. I mean without the kids, but last Saturday we went on a really fun date with some friends of ours, Mark and Caroline. They invited us out and Caroline planned this really creative date. It was nice because we didnt spend alot of money.

We first went to Savers and each of us got $10 to spend on our date to buy an outfit. We then went out in our cool outfits and shared a super good dinner's at Serrano's. After that we got a huge ball and went to a park and played kickball and 4-square. It was a lot fun playing like kids, even teasing and flirting like kids. To finish off the date, we went to Starbucks and got us some cider and fruit drinks. It was a really fun date, especially for us, because we are poor and it was super cheap.

We always have alot of fun haning out with them, but this was especially fun!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My cute kids!

So since my blog is still so new, I'll have to tell you all how the kids are doing. Hugo is such a sweet little boy- he never gives us any trouble at all. He hardly ever cries and he is such a cuddler. You can alredy tell he has such a sweet personality and he is going to be so much fun.
He had kind of a hard birth and and had a couple of problems while he was in the hospital, but since we have been home everything has been pretty good. Well over Christmas break it seems like everyone was sick, including me. Shawn got sick, Lacy got sick, both our familys were sick. Well its not too bad when Lacy gets sick because she can tell us what is wrong and we know how to help her. When Hugo got sick he is just so helpless. It breaks my heart. He started out with just a cough, but it turned into RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and double ear infections. He is doing much better now but he had anti-biotics for his infection and he had to take medicine through this breathing maching every few hours for a couple of weeks and we still do it a couple times a day when he doesn't sound very good. Lacy has been a good little helper to me and very sweet to Hugo. She loves to turn the machine on and help me put the mask on her little brother. He has gotten used to it and doesn't scream the whole time anymore. We are just glad he didn't have to be in the
hospital!! (It still kinda breaks my heart though, he's so tiny and sweet!)

As for Lacy, she is just fine! She loves to wear "princess dresses" and play Wii with her daddy. She is boxing him in this picture, she's actually really good. She beats me almost every time! As for the princess issue, you can't get her out of dresses! She will go pull my shirts out of the closet if her play dresses arent clean. Lots of times she will kick and scream when I make her take off my shirts, (her princess dress) to get ready for the day. Today she found this dress at Grandma's house that Chantal had sent over for her birthday. She immediately put it on and says, "mommy, I am your highness!" I don't know where she comes up with some of this stuff. She is so dang smart!! Right now her thing is, she wants to know everyone's birthday. She knows when her birthday is, Hugo's, Shawn's and mine. She will ask you what your name is and if you dont tell her your full name, she'll say, "no whats all your names!?" and then she wants to know your birthday. If your lucky, she'll remember then tell you next time she see's you!

My kids are pretty darn cute!! And I'm not saying that because I have to!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cute Mistake!

Did you ever sing the wrong words to primary songs when you were little? Well I know I did. I used to sing in the song Book of Mormon Stories.... "Disneyland if they live righteously" in stead of "Given this land if they live righteously" And in the song, Love One Another, I always wondered what a "shalmeno" was. (" this shall men know"). Well I was putting Lacy to bed last night and she asked to listen to her primary songs. So I put in a cd I made for her and the first song on the cd is the new song Holding Hands Around the World. Well a line from the chorus is "... there are children singing all around the world" and Lacy knew all the words to the song, except she sang "... there are children sleeping all around the world"

I thought this was super cute and I was grateful for Chantal's post I read yesterday (go read it, its super cute!) because that was the reason I was really in her bed with her singing songs. We usually say prayer, read a book then make her go to bed. Last night I decided to forget about the dishes in the sink, the mess in the family room, the laundry all over the house and just cuddle with my little girl. It was a sweet moment and she woke up really happy this morning and has even been super sweet to Hugo. I just took this picture, he isn't always happy when Lacy hold or touches him, but he was happy today!

Monday, January 28, 2008

First time blogger!

I'm new to the blogging world, so bear with me! Happy 2008! Today is actually my little Lacy's 3rd birthday, she is growing up too fast! We actually celebrated yesterday having a nice dinner and cake with family so I don't feel that bad for sitting at the computer. I decided to join the crowd and start my own blog. I am constantly stalking my sisters blogs (Charmaine, Chantal, Krista and now Clarissa) so I figured I would give in and start one myself.
I pride myself on being very crafty and creative. Scrapbooking, quilting, painting, card making, decorating, designing things on the computer, even cooking... but when you ask me to write, all creativity quickly leaves! I just got called to the Enrichment committee in my ward working with the lady who does the newsletter. I am the "spotlight specialist" and birthday lady. I have to call sisters and get to know them, then write a spotlight on them for the newsletter. I also get to make birthday cards and send them to all the sisters in the ward on their birthday (this one I am super excited about!) But anyway, I thought maybe this would be good practice for writing spotlights.
I love getting on my sister's blogs and reading about the fun days they have with their kids or husbands, or little thoughts they have had through the day. It helps me to feel closer to them, especially Chantal and Krista since I don't see you guys as often. Its like a nice little open journal for everyone to read (like I said, I like to stalk!!) So I'm going to go for tonight but I will try to post when something cute happens with the kids, or when I have a fun thought.
Peace out!