Friday, February 6, 2009

just like his mommy

I snapped this real quick with my camera phone. Hugo is into American Idol as much as I am. He was totally into all the singing and music. I can already tell he loves music, it always calms him down.
He'll be one of those really hot guys that play the piano or guitar.
Oh, and FYI... that blanket is LACY'S... he just loves the silkyness of it. I plan on making him his own, very manly, silky blanket. :)


Charmaine said...

Very manly silky blanket... hehehe. Love it!

Elise said...

That is an awesome picture! I love American Idol too! We need to get together soon and hang out. Sorry about this past Friday. Hopefully this week we can get together!

Chazilyn and Patrick said...

hahahah he is too funny!!!!!