Monday, April 20, 2009

Lacy Lacy

I was at my parents house after her dance class today and decided to grab my dads camera and snap a couple shots of Lacy in her new dance outfit. Plus, then I can brag about the adorable skirt I made her. I'm pretty proud of it, just don't look to close. I basically just made up the pattern. I was bummed when I bought the wrong fabric for the cute petti-skirts Chantal and I have been wanting to make, but I am not one to waste good material. I sat down one day and decided to sew away!
This one is all vintage looking. It was hard to get this one bright enough, but I think it is still adorable.

She loves being in front of the camera, what a hamm!!
I had to take a close up... I am most proud of the ruffle I made. I got a little creative, but after about a hundred pins, it seemed to have worked.

And of corse we had to get a cute shot of her spinning in action...
On a different note, Lacy said something really cute today. I asked her this morning what she wanted to do and she said she would give me clues and I had to guess.
Clue #1: She has a pretty house
Clue #2: She's a grandma
Clue #3: She has a nice big couch
Clue #4: She has a dad who lives with her
Clue #5: She has a big TV
Lacy: Now what do I want to do?
Me: Sounds like you want to go to Grandma's house!
If we cant go to Grandma's house, this is what she wants to do...

Clue #1: She doesn't live far
Clue #2: She loves Lacy
Clue #3: Lacy loves her
Clue #4: She has a pretty house
Clue #5: She's a person

Lacy: What else do I want to do?
Me: Sounds like you want to go to Mimi's house!
Unfortunately we didnt really do either, but I thought it was super cute anyway. How she came up with the clues and made me guess. She's a crack up!!!


mimi said...

She is adorable!!! She can come to my house anytime she wants. I do love that girl!!!

Romi and Jason said...

That skirt you made is adorable!! She is such a cute girl!

Maricia said...

I absolutely love the skirt! Sooooo cute! I also love the clues, very adorable! Wish I could meet your cute family! I'll definitely have to make a trip out there! Hope the pregnancy is going well!

Maricia said...

I absolutely love the skirt! Soooooo cute!!! The clues were adorable. I wish I could meet your cute family. I will definitely have to make a trip out there! I need it!!! I hope all is going well with the pregnancy

Chantal said...

The skirt is so cute! and the photo of lacy are beautiful, she looks so pretty in the first one. I miss her, and you guys!

Brewer Family said...

I love the skirt! You are so talented. I recently got a sewing machine and have only used it like 3 times. I really need to get more patterns and just start messing around so I can make cute stuff like you! How are you feeling?

Cassy Taylor said...

Super cute! Makes me wish I had a girl. You should be dang proud of that skirt-you're amazing!

Shane, Megan, and CJ said...

Good job -- that skirt is darling! I wish I could sew!

Nate and Lori said...

I'm so impressed with your sweing. I want to learn! Did you just learn by trial and error or have you been taught?

Susan (Mommy) said...

I hope that Lacy loves me too and that she knows that I love her. You did a great job on the skirt and Lacy acts so cute when she is wearing it.

brownymama said...

I am LOVING her skirt! Can I buy one for Anna?? And how cute about her grandma's. Does she want to come to my house??