Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls Camp

Monday morning I woke up and decided to steal my dads car and drive up to Camp LoMia for the day. I had a nice quiet drive alone on the way up. Well not too quiet, I blasted the music and sang my heart out! It was beautifully stormy and I enjoyed every minute of it.
*I snapped this on the way up with my phone.Once I got up there my dad greeted me with warm cinnamon rolls (thanks to Shelly Heward, Marilyn Powell and the rest of the lovely kitchen crew). Yummm!!!
Then I slowly one by one I started spotting my girls. I was greeted with girly screeches and lots of hugs. It is such a good feeling when you see someone and they come running with happy giggly faces to tackle you with love! It was so fun. It was the last full day and I had fun going on the zip line (pictures of that to come later) hanging out in the craft room, watching some awesome dances- one in particular from my Daddy-O, and Brothers Salmon, Willis and Heywood- they were heeeelarrrious! I got to dance like a teen and had my girls cracking up AT me... I'm sure I embarrassed them. Then I was lucky enough to find Kailin was leaving early anyways and we worked it out so she could ride home with me. I was happy to not have to do the night drive alone. Overall it was a long but very exciting day. I hope I get to go to camp next year for the whole week. It was obviously too hard this year with a tiny at home but I still had a blast just surprising them for the day.

This is a picture of my beehives. I totally stole this picture off someones facebook I don't even know- hope they don't mind! Aren't these girls adorable tho?! I forgot my camera so I'll post more pictures when I gather some from everyone else's cameras!!


Susan Jo said...

I love that you are loved and I love being loved too. Gotta love it.

Ashley Yazzie said...

Isn't it bizarre to be "The Adult Leader" now? I feel like you and I were J.C.'s just a couple of years ago. Try 10. Two summers ago I was the ward camp specialist, and cabin mom for my little ladies. It was wonderful. I look back on my girl's camp days with the greatest fondness. We were really and truly lucky to have had the type of leaders we did-to make the experience SO MUCH FUN.

I hope you're doing well little J. You family is growing and looking incredibly happy and healthy.