Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cruise 2010 - part 2

Our night-life was so much fun on the cruise! Dressing up, going to shows, getting in the spa! It was a blast!Our first night was mostly exploring the ship, seeing 3 shows, and delicious food. We had so much fun!
Our second night was the FORMAL night. We got all dressed up and fancy, went to dinner, a show and almost as soon as we got all up, we changed and went exploring. We were all alone on the ship, it felt like, and again... we got in the spa! (my favorite!)
The third night was the day we went to Mexico. It was the most fun day I have had in I can't even remember how long (more to come on that, later) We continued it with one crazy night! We went to a hilarious magic show then to the "Newlywed Game" The cruise director talked about it the past few days and was saying he wanted a true newlywed couple, old pros (50 yrs+ married) and someone in between. You had to sort of "audition"... we made out in the isle of the theatre in front of thousands and they picked us (as the couple in between)! We were on the show and we took home first prize!! We won a painting, a bunch of little nick knacks and a bottle of champagne.... well we gave that to the newlyweds, lol. It was so fun though and the rest of the cruise we felt like celebrities. They re-played the whole thing on the tv's in every ones room on a loop all the next day. People were coming up to us non-stop. It was hilarious, Shawn is such a riot!!

During the newlywed game the night before they put us each in this sound-proof elevator shaft like room while the other answered some questions. Also that night there was 40 mile an hour winds (hello, earthquakes and hurricanes not too far) and the boat was a rockin!! Well needless to say Shawn got pretty sick. As soon as the game was over he went strait to the room and spent the next day all sicky! We finally found out they were giving away free nausea medicine and he got some and felt good enough around dinner time to go eat and get in the spa. It was freezing and they had closed them all, but we had fun, none the less!

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