Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Chantal, Clarissa, and I and our husbands all went on a super fun, note-worthy date last weekend. We took the lightrail over to Chase field and had dinner up at the TGIFridays and watched the last little bit of the diamondbacks game. We then took the lightrail back to Mill Ave and walked around and ended up hiking A-mountain. It was a little warm but it wasn't bad seeing as it was breezy and 10pm. We had so much fun laughing and playing like kids, without our kids! All except for the one moment on the lightrail when I got lost and thought everyone had left me. (Hence the sad-face).. they were all watching me squirm and thought it was pretty hilarious... punks!

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Susan Jo Ollerton Fuller said...

stinkin kids went without me!