Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sooo behind on my birthdays.

I started in October and I wanted to do a whole year around. Well I was pretty on top of it. Then we had a mad computer crash, a few in between and then we finally got a much needed new computer (more on that later). Well I didn't have my calendar (because of no computer) and I really wanted to make sure I didn't leave anyone out.
Now enough excuses, here it is, a much needed family birthday update!

16 - Brian is a big fancy lawyer working at some super-famous law firm now. He is motivated and driven and does so much for his little family. Brian is a wonderful husband to my seeester and a great father to my precious nieces and nephews. He loves to tell stories and he is an endless vault of information. He is sarcastic and hilarious. I LOVE YOU BRIAN, hope you had a wonderful birthday.
27 - Paxton and Bodee share the 27th for their birthday, only a year apart. Paxton is so fun right now. We just spent a week with him at Yosemite and oh how I miss those kids!! He is brave and sweet and has always had a laugh that will have you putty in the palm of his hand. He is fun and I miss him like crazy already! Love you Pax!

Bodee is such a sweet little cuddle bug. He loves to give kisses to his big and younger brother. He is kind and playful. I love him so much and especially love it when he climbs up onto my lap and curls up to give me hugs. He is such a sweet heart, happy birthday Bodee!
22 - Braxton is getting so big. He is the big boy over at his house now with 2 younger brothers. Him and Hugo and best buds and Hugo often begs to play with Braxxxon. He is fun and a little spitfire at times, I love Braxton and want to steal him and claim him as my own!!! Jk... but I just love my nieces and nephews so much!
28 - Krista (to my left). Krista is absolutely adorable. She is thoughtful and smart. She is selfless always making sure everyone else is taken care of before herself. She is wild at times, and I love when I get to see that side come out. She is funny and speaks her mind, and I wish I was more like her. She is brave and beautiful from the inside out. I adore her and love her so much. Happy birthday sister!
30 -My dear mamasita also just had a birthday. She is absolutely stunning, this woman. She is superwoman and if you have ever met her would would agree. She can do absolutely anything!!! She has taught me to be strong and to take care of myself. She is handy and a powerhouse! She is also so stinkin hilarious and I know if I ever need a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on (even at 12:30 at night) she will be there to give it to me. I love her and I always say that all things good I have, came from my her! (and maybe a few from the old guy, her hubby). She is perfect, LOVE YOU MOMMY!
3 - Billy boy had a very very special birthday this year and we are so lucky we got to share it with him. He turned 8 and made the choice to be baptized. I am so proud of him for being such a good example. He is such a sweet caring boy with a sensitive soul just like his Aunt Jenny. He reminds me so much of me when I was younger. Shy at times, super sensitive with a little mischievous streak that will make an appearance when you are watching closely. He is a peacemaker, and a great example. I love you Billy and I am so proud of the sweet, handsome boy you are!
6 - TJ (right in the middle) TJ is another powerhouse in he family. He is a go-getter. He can do anything at all that he sets his mind to. He is inspiring!! We all wish we could take a little of the ambition and success that TJ has in every aspect of his life. He is a wonderful husband and father and that is really what counts the most. He is hilarious and such a tease (I'm pretty sure all the boys LOVE to tease!!) Happy Birthday TJ we love you and miss you guys like crazy!
9 - Katie. Katie is such a cutie. With her blue eyes, sweet dimples and curly blond hair. She has the sweetest voice and dainty delicate walk. She is fun and adorable. She loves to be creative, crafty and adventurous. Sometimes it gets her and the ones she is with into trouble, but later in life it is going to be to her advantage. She will be like TJ, ambitious and successful, I can see it now! She has a sweet heart and really just wants to be cared about. She loves being the center of attention and how could she not, being that cute! Love you girl, happy #6!
20 - Koby is the top left. He is the leader of the pack. He is the oldest Brown grandkid and my oldest nephew. He is a rockstar, that kid. He is insanely smart, he loves to read and do whats right. I watched him a lot when we were camping and what I saw made my heart melt. He stands up for what he believes even if it isn't what the rest of the boys are doing. He cares more about doing good than being popular. At his 10 year old state is is inspiring me to be better. I love you so much Koby, thanks for being YOU!
27 - My one and only blood brother is a 1/4 of a century! He is getting sooo old :) He is also a rockstar kind of guy. Much like Koby he stands up for what he believes in and inspires me on a daily basis to do better. He is kind hearted and cares about everyone is his world and is so aware of everyones needs. He is hilarious and silly and will have you belly laughing within moments of meeting him. He is one of my closest friends and I am grateful so much for everything he is constantly doing for me. He is always serving others, he is so selfless and I love him so much for everything. Happy Birthday OLD MAN!!

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