Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve - Ollerton style

We had our annual Christmas Eve Eve party and it was as fun as ever. Eating breakfast for dinner, silly skits, embarrassing ourselves, delicious treats, the much anticipated sisters (aunts) singing, and watching a new video of all the aunts and grandpa's favorite Christmas memories. We also got to see Santa, but of course I didn't take a picture!!! I didn't take any pictures, except for the last few minutes I went a little crazy. Well at least I have proof we all had fun!

WARNING: Silly picture overload!

my adorable baby
this one is quite possibly my favorite... Chantal's face is priceless!

Each face is exactly how I felt after the party was over

He thinks we are gross!

She is heeelarrrious!
Charmaine looked uber fabulous all night.

She's my idol
we have fun
my hero!
Wonder where all my silles come from?

Even Grandpa Grandpa got his sillies on!
This is what he gave me when I said make a funny face...

Christmas Eve Eve Eve - Prescott style!

We decided to trek the whole family up to Prescott for some Christmas celebration up at Ryan and Krista's. We started off with a trip to the dentist. It was Jacks first time... he was super happy until he realized what was going on. Hugo and Lacy were both perfect.

On Wednesday we spent the day with everyone, eating a fantastic dinner, opening presents, and just having an overall great time. We stayed until the next day, while everyone else left pretty much right after dinner. We are so glad we stayed, we went on a drive to see some fun lights and then, later that night it started to snow! How fun!!! I have never seen such big snowflakes. We woke up the next morning to slushy snow all over the place. The kids found a fun little hill in front and played for hours on the sleds.

Thanks for hosting the party, Ryan and Krista, we had a blast!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Bunny is 3!

Hugo turned 3 in November!!! He is getting so big. He is such a smart, witty boy. He cracks us up on a daily basis, and he knows it! We love him so much, it is so fun to see my babies grow up and to see their adorable personalities shine. He is my snuggle bunny, my big helper, my angel, my BOY!! Love you buddy!


I guess I haven't even talked about Halloween. Lacy was Dorothy and she was absolutely perfect!! She loved it and totally played the part. She said she was so excited every time she dressed up and people told her "Hi Dorothy!" or "You are so adorable, Dorothy". She loved that she was recognized. She had a parade during school, and she was surely the cutest girl there :)

The boys took turns being a tiger and a dragon. They weren't too into Halloween this year, which was totally a bummer because I LOVE Halloween.
I even dressed up, as an angel, of course, with my devil sister. We were adorable!!! The picture doesn't capture it, we were having technical difficulties, really, this is the best we got!

I'm a goof, get over it!


Its been so long since I've posted, even I was wondering where the HECK I've been!
Shawn started this semester on his way towards Architecture in school and he has been busy busy, which in turn means I've been busy busy busy! So anyways, now that the semester is over, I have a second to blog a little.

For Thanksgiving this year, all the Browns (minus TJ and Adelia... and you guys were missed) packed up and headed over to Huntington beach.
We had so much fun, and it was a much needed break.
We started off with a little surprise visit to the Schvaneveldts in Laguna Niguel. As far as HB goes, we did the usual, walked down the pier, shopped on main street, went to the freezing cold beach, spent Saturday at the swap meet, Balboa bars and a delicious turkey dinner surrounded by family. I am so grateful for all the love in my life. Happy, very late, Thanksgiving to all.

my very own HB

somebody was too cold to play... he decided to stay snuggled up on the sidelines.

we LOVE you California... we will be back soon!

all tuckered out... We ended up going strait to the hospital when we got home. We thought Jack might have an ear infection or something because he had been so fussy the whole ride home. Turned out he had some major stomach issues. Hopefully they are all resolved now, only time will tell!