Wednesday, November 9, 2011

HOARDERS: Purse edition.

After an embarrassing moment out with a friend, where I couldn't find my wallet, I decided it was time to reach into pandora's box and empty out my purse. This bag is evil... rather than ever looking what was in there, it was just added to. It became a serious problem.
Hi I'm Jenny, and I have a problem.
This is the evil bag that became a black hole for all things purse-like (and some really random stuff too!)
The contents of the bag were as follows: (no joke!)
*Pile of change
*my wallet
*my phone
*3 smaller bags (2 of them empty?)
*4 (Yes 4... why?!) finger nail clippers
*2 chapsticks
*a small tube of Aquaphor
*3 arm&hammer garbage bags (should have filled the bags)
*a bottle of baby lotion
*Random notes, papers, receipts
*2 bags of peanut m&ms
*bag of m&m cookies
*a Down East Basic catalog
*yellow notepad
*2 sets of keys
*Silly putty
*12V AC/DC adapter (Random!!!)
*6 diapers of varying sizes
*Garage door opener
*Vintage compact mirror
*2 burp rags
*Kitty Cat baby pjs
*Pink baby leggings
*3 pairs of socks and 2 random socks with no match
*A ghost
*2 pacifiers
*A ziploc bag of legos
*3 hot wheels cars
*A pile of McDonalds napkins
*and last 8 headbands!!! Why 8?!

My wallet was in a pouch on the inside corner of the bag I never knew exsisted. I'm sure Jack put it there, he is often found rummaging through my bag. He may have put lots of stuff in there.

You don't have to worry about me, though. I cleaned it out, threw a lot away and put things back in their respective places. Its all good and my bag is now much lighter! I know literally have a lot less weight on my shoulders.

p.s. I owe you 2 treats now, Megan. I LOVE YOU!
Where's Alan?


Elise said...

WOW I am impressed!

miss chaz. said...

girl you don't even want see what's in my purse......

Chantal said...

i want to hear more about the embarrassing moment! were you in Target? i love your target stories!..nice bag, that's pretty funny.

Shane, Meg, CJ, RJ, and AL said...

Just barely read this and I am giggling uncontrollably. We'll laugh about it again later when you are in the clear with both boys healing up and doing better. Love you!!