Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The first thing I thought after talking to my husband this morning was, "I can do anything you can do better, I can do anything better than you!"
I am completely loosing my mind. Yesterday the hospitalist came in and said she was going to discharge Hugo and that I could follow up with the ENT in a couple days. I told her I was not comfortable leaving without him seeing Hugo and giving him his ok. (I really had to throw a fit about it) so in a couple hours he came in and said they put your discharge orders in but I wanted to see you before you left. I told him I thought Hugo was doing worse than the day before, he took one look and said you can absolutely not leave, I want another CT scan right away, and then we went to surgery right away.
He did great and is feeling like his old self this morning. Well while this was all going on, Shawn and Jack have been quarantined at home, sick. Well I went home to take a quick shower before Hugo's surgery and gave some love to Jack. I immediately thought he is burning up and also not moving his neck. I called the Dr and asked him if it could be contagious. He reassured me it is not. Well during Hugo's surgery Shawn, my parents, me and Jack were all down at the hospital and Jack cried the entire time. We decided to let grandma and g-pa take him to the ER, you know, since we were already here. I figured it was a bad ear infection or something like that and it would be best to get it looked at. Well he does had a bad ear infection and a temp of 103 that they were having a hard time beating, and after a lot of bloodwork and a CT scan it is confirmed that Jack does in fact have the exact same thing as Hugo, in the exact same spot, only worse. He is going to have surgery today and he will be put into the ICU following surgery because his abscess is causing so much swelling it is obstructing his airway.
We are very confident in his Dr., especially after Hugo's success. I am making Shawn go see a Dr. today also just to be safe.
I don't know why or even how this is all happening. I haven't eaten well or slept well since last Wednesday, and my emotions are all over the place I am just really greatful my wonderful MIL has Lacy and my parents and brother have Roxy, who is doing great. Thanks for the prayers. Keep em coming.

This whole thing reminded me of my brother and me. When we were babies we had our adenoids out the same day, had tubes in ears the same day, and when we were teenagers we had our turbinates scraped the same day and the day I had my tonsils out he had his deviated septum fixed. Crazy stuff.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miracles do happen.

So glad we felt inspired to take Hugo to the hospital after Urgent Care telling us nothing was wrong. We caught it early and after 4 days of IV antibiotics he is going to be able to go home with oral antibiotics and no surgery. Thanks for the many prayers and well wishes. It's gonna be a Merry Christmas after all.

Friday, December 16, 2011

No fun

I have a bazillion things to do to get ready for Christmas and I'm missing Lacy, Jack, Roxy and Shawn but there is no where I would rather be than here next to my buddy Hugo
He has been complaining of a sore neck and ear the last couple days so Shawn took him to Urgent Care last night around dinner. I wasn't really happy with what they found (or didn't find I should say) We put him to bed and he was back up around 12:30 not feeling well. Then again at 3, not able to move his neck or head really and he was just burning up, even with IBProufen and Tylenol. So I woke Shawn up to let him know we were on our way to the hospital.
After lots of blood work, tests and a CT Scan they have found out that he has a Retropharyngeal abscess in the back of his throat, behind his right tonsil. The muscles all around the spine and neck are swollen, and his right tonsil is really big! We are super lucky we went to the hospital because we caught it early. We talked to a surgeon today and will meet with him again in the morning. He wants him to get a good 24 hours of medication and then probably surgery tomorrow. We will see what happens in the morning. The dr says it is pretty serious and he will be in the hospital for 5 to 6 days at least. We are hoping and praying for the best. My dad and Shawn gave him a blessing. He is really acting like he is in a lot of pain. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated.
Here is a link to what he has, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retropharyngeal_abscess . Don't know how accurate wikepedia is, but its pretty much exactly as the surgeon described it.