Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Pics

We had the BEST Easter this year up in Prescott. My parents came with us up to Shawn's mom's house. How lucky are we!! The kids had a great time waking up Easter morning with grandparents from both sides all in one house. It was seriously a dream! We could not asked for anything better. We stayed up the night before reading scriptures with the kids. Had an Easter egg hunt that afternoon with Ryan and Krista and their kids. We had an amazing dinner and had fun staying up late each night laughing and catching up (of corse that was all out of order but you get the point!)
Grandma got all the girls adorable dresses and the boys cute outfits as well. They all looked adorable. We took these pictures the week after. They wore them the next week to our church as well. They are the cutest!!

I LOVE Lacy's dimple!
Hugo is making a G-Pa face in this one.

This guy makes my heart melt!

What a princess.


Susan Fuller said...


mimi said...

Cutest kids! I have the most adorable grandkids! I need one of these!

Banana said...

oh friend, your babies are just beautiful! I love these Easter photos! :)

Banana said...

oh friend, your babies are so beautiful! I love these Easter photos of them! :)

madelinemarie said...

These are the most adorable photos ever.
I love them.