Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My turn for sickies!

I know I just copy Chantal in everything I do.. but now my kiddies (and me) have the flu! Yuck! Hugo has been hot and grumpy for the last couple days, and Lacy was acting funny all yesterday, not eating, not wanting to play and she even took a nap! Then last night she woke up in the middle of the night and said she didn't feel good, that she had a sore throat. I gave her some medicine, took her temperature (103.5!) then laid with her until she went back to bed. Then this morning when I woke up I also had 100+ temp.

Being sick is no fun! My parents had the flu on Sunday and luckily for them it was just a 24 hour flu. I'm hoping we will be lucky and it will be gone tomorrow! I gave lacy some tylenol to get her fever down, and after a bath she already seems better. She wanted me to paint her nails and put "lot of ponies" in her hair. Hugo has been sleeping most of the day so hopefully he will be rested and happy as well. We are just having a lazy day watching movies and trying to get better.

Wish us luck!


randalswife said...

I'm glad we didn't catch what you have! Hope you feel better!!!

Chantal said...

ooo poor girl! I hope she gets better soon!...I copied the "sickie girl" from others too. Isnt that what we all do? Copy eachother only do it better, so you get noticed? :)

Kyle said...

Oh...that is the worst! I hope you feel better soon! Its the worst to take care of sick kids when you are sick too!
Good luck!

Nate and Lori said...

I'm sorry! I've been sick too lately. Hopefully we both get better very soon!

Dyan said...

I didn't comment before, but I thought your post about your 3 homes was funny-just the difference in them and how the one you're in now is your favorite. You'll definately have to post pics of how you've been beautifying it! My kiddos and I have the flu too...maybe it's possible to pass it through blogging or something since everyone seems to have it right now! :)