Monday, February 4, 2008

Tag.. You're it!

Clarissa has tagged me... she wrote 6 really cute things about herself that you may or may not know, so I am following suit and writing 6 things you may not know about me! A fun little get to know you game.

1. My name is Jenny and I'm addicted to shoes. How do you know if you have a shoe-shopping addiction? Take a few moments to consider the following. Have you ever lied about a shoe purchase to friends and family? Have you ever experienced shortness of breath at the sight of a shoe sale? Do you talk to your shoes as if they were people? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then welcome to the club. We embrace you with open arms and empty wallets. (I copied most of that from a different website, because it applied so well!)
2. I am allergic to chocolate. Fudge and cocoa are alot worse than milk chocolate or other more mild chocolates but I will still get sick if I eat too much of any chocolate. I went to an allergy doctor when I was little (for all different kinds of allergies) and I would go regularly and get allergy shots. They would give me little tiny doses of what I was allergic to, I guess so my immune system would become immune to whatever I was allergic to. Well I never really ate chocolate much, or even liked it. Then I discovered Dove milk chocolate and Thrifty's chocolate ice cream. I am doing my own little experament and I have a small piece of chocolate every day. Or during last summer I would almost every day have a scoop of chocolate ice cream. One day I will be immune. Hopefully not though, because then I would be tempted to eat it all day long. I love Dove chocolate, it is definitely my vice. A dangerous vice!

3. I love love love Arizona summers. I'm with Clarissa on this one. I am a true Arizona native through and through. I dont like to sweat all that much but even getting into a hot car isn't bad as long as I'm not wet. I like the dry heat. Either dry or pouring rain- I know they are complete opposites but thats what I like, I don't like humidity if its not going to rain. I love monsoon season! Going to sleep with the blinds open so I can watch the thunderstorms! Dancing outside in the rain. Nothing is better than warm rain that you can enjoy outside.
I love this temple picture- I have it up in my home. The Mesa Temple after its been raining- It's Beautiful!!

4. I love buying, giving and wrapping gifts. Everything about it. I love thinking about people and what to get for them- trying to think of things specific people would like. I love wrapping gifts and making them look pretty. Beautiful paper and big ribbons and bows! I love giving gifts and watching people open them. Watching their faces and reactions to the gifts you put time and effort into. I love it! My family knows.. for quite a while I've asked my parents to let me be santa for them. I love picking out the pijamas for the family, or any other gifts they will let me do for them then watch the family open them. I love it all!!!

5. I am really really afraid of holes. I hate holes. I have to sleep with the holes of my pillows away from my head. I also hate the drains in showers. I wont step on them or get very close. When I was little I used to always get a rag and cover the drains in the shower when I would shower. I hate the port a potties that are just a bottom-less pit. I am terrified, I have to cover the whole hole with tp before I will use one. Randal got a tumor or something on his neck once and when they removed it he had a big fat hole- I was really scared of it, it was ridiculous!

6. I LOVE to paint. My hubby thinks I'm wierd. I love to paint rooms, walls, furniture, canvas'. Any kind of painting. To me, its therapeutic. I could paint all day if the fumes didn't make me loopy. This picture was in our first house, in our first nursery. I painted the walls super cute and these letters that I hung above Lacy's bed. They matched her bedding. I love to decorate my house, but really I love to Paint all over my house!
Well Clarissa got tagged by Charmaine, I got tagged by Clarissa, so I'm tagging..... CHANTAL!


Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

haha too cute jenny!! you are mighty crazy! i ike the question about being a shoe addict. hhaha i think i must admit.. i am one also!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

haha twins five years apart, you are silly. but it is so true!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

and chantal has already been tagged. but i guess she could do it again! hehehe. i think i might also be addicted to online profiles.. first myspace. then facebook. and now blogspot. what will it be next?! does the maddness ever end!?

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

haha love ya!

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

and yes, i like five comments. please always leave me that many. being a online profile addict i get my confidence from how many comments are left on my posts. it is a sad, and deadly addiction.

Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

ps. how do you find so many people on here? do you just type their names in a search engine or something?

Meeker Family said...

You are so cute. I am also a shoe addict, I can just never afford to buy myself new shoes. My secret is that I still wear shoes I had in high school, isn't that sad. anyway Your nursery was so cute. how did you paint her wall to look all swirly, was it a stencil or did you just free hand it, I love to paint and am always looking for new ideas. You are just as fun and cute as I remember.

Chantal said...

I tagged Charmaine silly.
So in the order of Quelf the next person to read this is tagged!

Ross and Brittany Chambers said...

lacy's room is super cute! did you free hand her room? i love the letters, did you use paper or paint them too? how awesome!

Whitehorn Family said...

That is funny about the holes, I'll have to remember that. You can come over and paint at our house anytime. We just need to choose the colors in the living room.