Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can I close my eyes and go to sleep?

Oh Man.. kids can be tooo funny! I have 2 really funny stories about Lacy and they both happened last night! She was playing around in the kitchen when she bonked her head. She quickly ran out of the room whining (obviously with a plan in mind) and came back with a bandage wrapped around her head and said, "Mommy, I broke my head!" I ran to the office to get the camera. She wasn't too amused with my un-controlabe laughter and my wanting to take her picture. You can tell by her grumpy face. Oh I just thought it was too cute and too clever to NOT capture that moment!

The other funny moment, not captured on camera was when I was putting Lacy to bed. You know how kids get when they dont want to go to sleep. With Lacy she will keep moving or talking in fear that she will crash the moment she stops either. Even sometimes as she is falling asleep she will jump or say some random thing to keep herself up. Anyways, I was laying in bed with her watching some TV (I know, not the best thing to do, but I hate the quietness of the house when Shawn isn't home- he was out playing soccer) so I was tickling her back and she had closed her eyes and was drifting off. Actually she had said a moment earlier, "Mommy, can I close my eyes and go to sleep?" I love when she asks that, its sweet. Of corse I encourages such wonderful behavior! But about 2 minutes after her laying there with her eyes closed, in complete silence, she sat up, motioned with her hands and said "I have a giant BUTT, just like Mommy and Daddy!".... ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?? First of all, Lacy, dont say BUTT.. second of all Mommy doesn't have a big butt- and even if she does, you certainly don't say things like that! It was too too funny. I don't know what kind of dreams that girl has but that one was one to go in the books. She had me cracking up all day yesterday. Then today she was super sweet and wonderful all day. She got herself completely dressed this morning- even cute!! She was wearing a green dress and white flowered leggings, and pink sandals - so cute! Then she was good getting out the door and good for the babysitter (wonderful Charmaine) while I took Hugo to the dr. Then she was great at the mall, which was definitely a first!!! She was so good I actually took her to the candy store to get a little bag of candy. And she was pretty sweet the whole rest of the day.

I love my sweet Lacy.

I also caught Shawn making Hugo laugh so I took a quick video. My kids are so sweet.

Today was a good day!


Deanna said...

Well, there's no question, she's just about the most imaginative little girl I've come across! She cracks me up. And Hugo has such a sweet little laugh.

Tina said...

Too cute!! That is hilarious what she said-so random!!! Just for the record you DO NOT have a big butt!! :)

andrea said...

Your whole family is so sweet! I love the stories about Lacy, what a funny girl! I love her face in the once with the bandage!! I will have to meet them someday when I'm visiting AZ. Too bad we don't live close Andin would love to play with Lacy!

Brewer Family said...

You have the cutest kids!! Lacy is such a hoot!

Adelia said...

That Lacy girl is too smart for her own good. What a doll! Hugo is getting so big! Alex loved the video.

Chazilyn and Patrick said...

haha I love her! And Hugo of course!! :)