Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Way too much fun!!

I have been putting off blogging about our 6 Day Cruise to Cabo and Ensenada because there is just way too much that happened. So instead of telling you everything, I'm going to copy Chantal's awesome post and just tell you about some of the highlights.

Getting ready for the cruise by shopping, losing weight, and packing was super fun!
Playing crosswords with everyone in the airport (even strangers helped!)
Exploring the ship and all the fun thing it has...
Laying out by the pool in the beautiful weather
Parasailing in Cabo, sitting on Shawn's lap and enjoying the awesome tour that our guide took us on to see a little taste of Baja Mexico
Shopping in Mexico (I wish we had more time to do more shopping)
Spending time with all the family individually and as a whole
My dad's two awesome FHE lessons on Zion
Swimming in the pools and going down the slide like we were kids again!
Watching Shawn and most of the rest of the family do a cannon ball contest (I was a camera-person)
All the different outfits each day, and getting ready for the different occasions.. I had my play outfit, my excursion outfit, my bathing-suit/pool outfit and the most fun of all the dinner/show outfits. It was so fun playing dress up every day.
My fun surprises!
Feeling the love when my family got me a massage certificate (there is a whole story to that one that includes my dad getting stitches... I'll save that for another day)
Winning at farkle (and all the other midnight games!)
Dancing late at night.
Sleeping on our OWN schedule!
Laughing and playing with the family.
The moons reflection on the water late at night when the lights on the deck were off!
Playing volleyball
Hearing Shawn use his Tagalog with lots of Philipino's on the boat (one being our server)
Leading me to the awesome service we received... our waiter and bus boy, our cabin guy... they were all so awesome!
All the amazing food, and ordering what we want when we want it
24 hour pizza (that was wayyy good) and ice cream
Mid-night buffets
And most of all I enjoyed all the the I got to spend with my hot husband. We had so much fun and we already miss it! We are so grateful for my parents taking us and we look forward to cruising again soon, and often!!

We were also so happy to come home and see our cute kids, they missed us and we missed them! We are so lucky to have such awesome parents- Shawn's watched the kiddos so we could go on this vacation. They are so amazing.. we are seriously so blessed to have such a wonderful family!


Kyle said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am so jealous!!

Chantal said...

You posted the cruise so well! I need your pictures.
"I love it when were crusin' together!" Lets plan the next one!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the best? I miss my cruise sooooo much! It's kind of hard to set back into reality- huh? No pizza at all hours of the night, No reason to change your clothes like 15 times, No one but yourself to tidy up your bedroom and bathroom while you lay out by the pool...It's terrible!

andrea said...

How fun!!! I want to go now! You looks so cute in all the pictures.

andrea said...

I'm assuming you are talking about Huntington in Cali? That is actually Lake Erie! Crazy huh?

Jeff, Chelsea & Rustin said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! It is nice to go on a adult trip.