Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas and New Year Happenings

So much to blog about. Be prepared for a long post.

The first of December's party's started with Grandmother Lisonbee's annual Christmas party at the park. Lots of good food, a teddy bear parade and an auction! It was super fun as usual, especially getting to visit with all of Shawn's cousins.

Lacy had her fun pre-school party and was so funny singing this time. She was distracted most of the time and every once in a while she would jump up and sing loudly one part when she was paying attention. I guess there was just too much going on!
We had our annual Ollerton Christmas Eve Eve party that just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. The earliest I can remember it, it was actually at my Grandma and Grandpa's house then we would go caroling to Great Grandad and Millies. Then it got too big so we moved it to Aunt Julies where it was for years. Now, for the past 3 or 4 years we have to go to a church building and have it in the cultural hall. We have over 100 people just with Aunts, Uncles and cousins.. and of course, Grandpa! Lacy was so excited that she got to sing Jingle Bells into the microphone and she totally hammed it up!!

One of the more important things we did these holidays was that Patrick and Chaz were sealed in the temple. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were so blessed to be able to be there. That night they had a big party at the Stolworthy's to celebrate that and their graduation's. There was lots of delicious food and Santa even came!!
Christmas eve we spent the day with Brown's opening gifts, eating lunch, watching Christmas moveis and missing everyone who couldnt be there. It was just Mom and Dad, Patrick and Chaz and us with our kids. We were so excited that Ryan and Krista made it home from Mexico just in time to open gifts!

That night we went to Fullers to eat dinner and visit with Lacy's great Grammy and Grandaddy. We also had our Christmas pjs which was home-made for the kids and new robes for the boys!
Christmas morning we spent at home. It was nice opening the few gifts we had together. We didn't get a lot of gifts but we all got a BIG gift. Santa brought everyone their very own bike. Shawn and I nice big mountain bikes, Lacy a pink bike that had her name on it and Hugo a little car to ride on. (we got a bike trailer the day after Thanksgiving for him to ride in during family rides)

We then came back to Fullers later Christmas morning for breakfast and opening gifts. We had a low-key rest of the day playing in the rain, sleeping and just lounging around. Most of my family had the stomache flu so they weren't on their A-Game!

Shawn's birthday was the 28th which was a Sunday. We had a ton of people over for a nice dinner and Shawn got a GUN. He was really suprised and excited.
New Years Eve Shawn and I went and chapperoned the dance for all the 14-18yr old kids in the area. We had a suprisingly good time and enjoyed breakfast at midnight with some of my favorite girls!
We had our first annual pijama bowl where we all went bowling with the kids, in our pj's. Every-one made it except Randal who was taking his turn with the stomache-flu. AJ and his girl even came (but I guess we just consider him part of the family!)
The break was also filled with...
fun adult dates
dog-sitting Patrick and Chaz's dogs (which made us all really dog-hungry)
fun days with the kids
a trip to McCormick train park where we got to ride the train and the merry go round
one ride on the new light-rail in Tempe
lots of throwing up and diahrea (sorry, TMI)
pink eye for Shawn
and of course MOST IMPORTANT
Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ

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Chazilyn and Patrick said...

This has been one of the craziest months EVER!! But in a good way :) I love all the posts! And thanks again for dog sitting...I think they had way too much fun! :)