Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long time no post

I have been anti-posting lately, I admit.

I have had it with camera's. We got an awesome camera and it got stolen, then got a crappy camera that broke. Now we just have the video camera that only takes half-ace still pictures. Plus my mom's camera is also on the fritz so I haven't really been able to document our everyday lives as well as a Fuller girl has been taught to.
Luckily I had my dads super-nice camera near by the other day and got some cute cute pictures of the kids playing in the irrigation. I promise, we are all still alive and kickin! (post about that coming next)

I have also totally had it with computers. About 2 months ago our computer crashed for like the THOUSANDTH FREAKIN TIME. And if I had any money at all, I would give in to Charmaine and Patrick's testimonials and buy myself a Mac. I lost lots and lots of info and pictures and have just been to frustrated with it all.

So there it is. My lame excuses for not blogging lately. Not good excuses but excuses none the less.

An update on the Browns...
As for Shawn, he is doing pretty good, considering everything he's been going through. Due to the awesome recession we are all in he was laid off work. We figure this to be a perfect time while we are young and everything else, for him to go back to school full time. He has applied for all the grants/loans etc. that he can, but can't really start anything until Summer school. He is still looking for work of any kind to try and help us get by. So if you hear of anything, please let us know. I am strongly convinced that the best job he can get is one from a referral, so the word is out. Super talented, super hot Shawn Brown is looking for a job :)
Join the club... it seems everyone is looking for a job.

Lacy is as adorable as ever. She has been such a joy lately. She is still as feisty and smart as ever, and cracks us up everyday. She loves her cousins and friends more than anything and is very sensitive when it comes to them. She surprises us all the time with the things she knows and says- she is our genius child. Right now she is on this kick of sounding every word out and telling us the letters in the word. I am convinced that there isn't anything in this entire universe she can not figure out.

Hugo is our little man in the making. He loves to be outside and will sit by the door with his shoes on until we let him out. He loves to scream, happy or not, and is the cause of a lot of headaches. He is for sure a man's man. Don't get me wrong he loves his mommy and his grandmas, but He screams and squeals with joy anytime Shawn walks in the door and when he is home, Hugo doesn't want much to do with me. He also adores his Papa, G-Pa, Uncle Samuel and Uncle Patty (those are just a few, but they are the men he sees the most) I do have to say though he is the biggest sucker for his Great Grandpa Bald-head and Grandpa is just a big a sucker for Hugo. They both light up when they see each other and it is so fun to watch.

As for me, I am 7+ months pregnant and huge as ever! I feel like I am already ready to pop this one out. He is going to be a big one, I can tell. Other than that I have been doing pretty well. Just trying my best to keep us all from going insane. I have been enjoying doing all the little things around the house that I have been doing. (I'll hijack someones camera and post about them soon). We have been swimming 6 times this past week. It is my favorite thing right now to not feel the effects of gravity on my huge belly when I'm in the pool. I am there any chance I get!
Annnnnyway. I know this is a super-long post. I hope you all didn't read it all because HOLY COW! I am just trying to catch up, mostly for myself.


Charmaine said...

Aww, I missed you! I'm glad you're back to the blogging world. You should start following Pioneer Woman - on her photography feed, she gives away cameras every couple of months or so - the last time, she gave away a Nikon D90 (super duper nice digital SLR - nicer than Daddy's). Maybe you can win yourself a super nice camera!

Anyway, I miss you guys!

Charmaine said...

PS - Hooray! I was first!

Steve and Brindy said...

Wish I had a good job to tell you guys about! There's always bus driving...good when your in school! :) I didnt realize you are going to have your baby pretty soon! So cool!

Banana said...

Hi Honey! Happy to hear from you. I was thinking about you and that little man recently! When are you due? I cannot believe that you are 7 moths already!!! I was at that point this time last year--and boy did that fly by. Looking forward to some cute belly pics o you--please!!!

Janine said...

Jenny...I can't believe you are seven months pregnant already. Time goes by so fast. I know what you mean about the economy. I am getting nervous because I too am looking for a teaching job and everywhere has a hiring freeze. I hope to make it to AZ soon. I would love to see you.