Sunday, May 24, 2009

9 months and miserable (with a good day in there)

Beware, long post and lots of pictures ahead:
I have been MIA quite a bit lately. I am 9 months pregnant and really really miserable. I went to the Hospital for a second time tonight and once again, got sent home. This pregnancy is really starting to get the better of me. I just cried and cried the whole way home and didn't really stop until I decided to get on the computer to try and get my mind off it.

It is all just so different from my other pregnancies. Both the other times I threw up, had horrible heart burn, lots of migraines, etc... but never contractions for so long. Both times they just started the day before I went into labor and not any sooner. I am now going on 3 weeks of contractions and today they were so strong I could barely stand up and they have been less than 5 min. apart for the past 5 or 6 hours. I am sooo miserable!! My body just wont give in and dialate or anything. It is so hard sometimes!! I wish my water would just break then they CANT send me home. If I dont have this baby by Tuesday (my next appt.) my dr will hopefully induce me.

I have been so down I haven't really wanted to go out or deal with people asking me how I am doing. I am trying to be positive and strong but I really just want to scream and say get this dang baby out!!! Well yesterday Shawn and I were both getting a little stir crazy so we decided to go for a bumpy drive to try and induce some labor. Nothing else is working, we've tried it all!!

Well I didn't go into labor yesterday, or today but we did have a very very lovely drive.

We drove to canyon lake and found a fun little salloon looking restauraunt with some really yummy food suprisingly. It was a wonderful lunch, except when the 4 toothed old wretchedy lady asked to rub my belly then asked me for money. (sorry lady if you some-how found my blog)
We then took a super long dirt road that connects canyon lake to apache and roosevelt lake. IT WAS GORGEOUS! The pictues don't do it justice- I wish I had a much better camera, these were all taken from my phone. It was the most pefect day, 75ish degrees with beautiful grey clouds and a slight trickle of rain coming down on us. Oh man... seriously... If you ever are feeling un-apreciative of this sometimes dreary desert that is AZ, take this drive. I have never appreciated or loved the look of desert more than this drive. The mountains were so green and lush, but deserty. It was crazy gorgeous, I cant even explain it.

So even though I didn't go into labor, it was worth it. Even though we got a little lost and ended up almost to Payson, it was worth it!
Lacy at our first stop right by canyon lake.
My kids just adore their daddy, as do I!
Enjoying our lunch!!
Handsome men!
Look at those clouds!
22 miles on a dirt road... why not?? Its not like I am EVER going to go into labor!
Just one of the awesome views!!
Looks like the sun decided to make a quick appearance
I dont know why, but I was just so amazed at how green the desert can be! Guess you just gotta check out the right places the right time of the year!
If you look closely you can see the rain drops on the winshield. This is Apache lake, it was so hidden, I dont even know if many people go there or even know about it. One day when we have money and a boat- we are coming here!!
We spent most of the ride with the windows down- it was just too too nice to pass up. Good thing we brought blankets for the kids, it was a bit chilly for them. Except somehow Lacy ended up with the blue one and Hugo with the pink one. Oh well, as long as they are smiling, right?!

This is just as our dive through the beautiful lakes/canyons was coming to an end. We should have turned right here and we would have gotten home much sooner, but we turned left to go over this fun bridge and we almost got to Payson before a road finally let us turn south/west. It was a lovely day though and we have no regrets at all. If you are like us and just need a lovely drive sometime, go here, you will thank me.


Charmaine @ randalswife said...

Awww... I love the desert! I'm bummed that baby hasn't come yet - although not as bummed as you, I'm sure. Keep us updated!

Dopp Family said...

That drive sounds like it was so nice and I can picture that lovely weather too as St. George was like that on Saturday. I didn't realize you were so close to having that baby! Good luck and I hope that baby comes real soon!

Janine said...

I am so sad for you. I hated waiting. When was your due date? I can't wait for the baby to come? Have you thought of names?

Blonde doesn't Equal Dumb! said...

Jenny- I am soo sorry!!
You are sooo amazing!

What a beautiful drive, that is such a good idea:)
Your the BEST!!

brownymama said...

Looks like a gorgeous drive and that you also had a little fun. Hang in there. The baby has to come out. And soon! You made me laugh out loud with your post below and the "rough life" part. (: Thanks for helping Kathy!

Susan (Mommy) said...

What a wonderful drive. Babies come when they want to, that is if the dr. won't try to convince them to come sooner. Stupid Dr.

Susan (Mommy) said...

Babies come when they want to. That is if the dr. doesn't persuad them to come a little sooner. Stupid dr.!

Ashley Yazzie said...

Jenny, these pictures are lovely. It looks like you had an amazing outing.

andrea said...

Fun, I will have to try it!

I am so sorry you are miserable right now! I know it will probably just annoy you more, but it will end soon, and you'll have that cute baby!

Oh and our house is in Tempe, off of Mcclintok and Guadalupe. Where do you live?