Sunday, May 24, 2009

Young Women

These are a few pictures of my Young Women. My calling at church is the YW secretary and I think I am way to spoiled and have the best calling in the ward. Lacy loves it too. Here she is with one of her most favorite babysitters, Kailin at the temple.

Here Lacy is smiling at a party we had at our house for Michelle who is leaving us all any day now to go to BYU... boooo Michelle!
And here is Paige covered in balloones that Lacy brought to her on the couch while playing a game. (and Danielle and Maddy are also in the picture- the wonderful party-throwers)

I know these are totally random but I love all my young women so much, they are so fun and even if they think I am a total wacko- I love them and love love love my calling!! Yea for me!

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