Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Day of Preschool- Year 2!

Lacy was sooo excited for school to start up again. She asked almost every week this summer when she could go back to school. I am glad school is back too- I am looking forward to getting a schedule back. This summer has been so crazy!

It was like Christmas-eve the night before, she was so excited she couldn't even sleep. We had her first day outfit all set out and when she woke up she was all antsy to get ready. She had a fun day and we are all excited for a new year.
I have to tell you the funny conversation between Lacy and Carson on the way to school.

Lacy: When I get married my name is going to be Lacy Brown
Carson: Well you are going to marry me, right?
Lacy: Of course!
Carson: You wanna get married in the temple, right?
Lacy: Of course!
Carson: And you wanna be a mommy when you grow up, right?
Lacy: Of course!
Carson: Okay, we can get married.

It totally made my day, it was so cute! We love Carson and all the funny things he comes up with- the two of them are quite a pair, partners in crime.


Layton and Lauren said...

Does this mean we're gonna be family??? I LOVE it!!

Kristin Hamblin said...

I am so glad you wrote down the conversation. Now I can copy it. I want the cute picture of them together too. I need to document this for when they get to dating age. :)