Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday February

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Charmaine. This one was a doozey :) She is the oldest of us 5 and she is such a perfect oldest sister. She looks out for us all and keeps us in line! (Right now she is sayin "you better recognize!") She is gorgeous on the inside and out. She is absolutely hilarious and can keep us all rolling for hours on end. Its always a party when Charmaine is around, and even when she is not, (seeing as she lives in Iowa and we don't get to see her as much anymore) she can have us laughing via phone, skype or even remembering fun times. I miss her like crazy and she is honestly one of my very best friends. I love you Charmaine!!! And she gave me one of the best presents saying she might come visit this summer. YAY!!!
Happy Birthday Logan and welcome to late 20's... its fun here! Logan is so sweet in his very humorous own quiet way. He has a very interesting sense of humor and I love being around him. He makes Clarissa and Bou so happy and for that I love him more than he knows!
Happy Birthday you two, you deserve everything you could ever want... I LOVE YOU!!


Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

how sweet! I love my hubby too! And of course Charmaine! I love you too! Thanks sister!

chazilyn and patrick said...

AW such a sweet post! - happy bday Charmaine and Logan!!!:)