Thursday, February 4, 2010

A perfect day for...

Lacy and I took advantage of perfect weather and went out back to read while the boys took naps.
Lacy got bored of reading after a while and decided to give her animals a "ROCK CONCERT!"
Hugo woke up and did not want me reading. He wanted me to play, Mommy, play!

Yay! Mommy come play!
Jack was not happy that I was in the cold grass. He was very unsure. He usually gets a nice blanket rolled out for him, like a red carpet. It was perfect today and his little toes needed to feel the crisp, cool grass!
Now he is REALLY mad. I took the ball and lured him too me. I'm coming Mommy, but not happily! (this picture makes me laugh out loud every time! It may be my favorite picture of all time!!)
Hey, this isn't so bad!
Now I am going to scream a bunch of jibberish at you Mommy for making me go through all that trouble when you could have just picked me up and placed me in the grass yourself!
As always, Lacy looking gorgeous doing a dance in the grass!
If you aren't in Arizona, you should be jealous, its heavenly right now. If you are, GO OUTSIDE! This includes me, peace out, I'll be in my back yard!


Susan Jo Ollerton Fuller said...


Chazilyn and Patrick said...

VERY CUTE. it was soooo nice outside today!!! those kids are too cute!!!:)

... said...

Fun!!! I wish I was in AZ right now! Instead I'm up in the cold mountains of UT sitting in my 5th wheel working and taking a blog break... ahhh... I miss AZ!!

PS - You have three cute kids! Good work.