Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!

April 7th was Adelia's Birthday (second from the right) isn't she gorgeous? She lives in Idaho and we all miss her and her family like crazy! I talked to her on her birthday and it made me miss her and her babies even more. She is talented and always so perfectly put together. To be honest she has always intimidated me with how perfect she is! But she is also so down to earth, she always makes you feel like you are her best friend. She is giving and sweet and I love her to death. I can't wait to see you this summer, I love you! Happy Birthday.
Heather's Birthday was on April 9th. (far right). Heather is hilarious and funny and she totally gets me :) She used to live just a couple doors down and I totally miss it. It was the best thing in the world to have family so close and she really became my best friend. She is helpful and sweet and always gives with out ever asking or expecting anything in return. She has more patience than anyone I know! She is a beautiful, strong, gorgeous woman, friend, wife, mother and example, I love her to death. Happy Birthday girl!

Israel is turning 5 tomorrow. I haven't seen him in over a year I think... I can't even remember. Well I see him all the time via Skype.. but its not the same. They are kinda sorta planning on coming in May/June and I swear if they don't, I might just have a nervous break down. I miss those boys like crazy. Israel is such a witty funny sweet obedient Mama's boy. I love him so much. He is sweet and kind, just look at him! Don't you just want to kiss his face, I do!!! Right now! I wish I could be there to give him a big Birthday hug. I love all my brothers and sisters (blood and in-laws) but mostly when they move my heart breaks because I miss those babies!!!! Come home to me Israel and give me a kiss. I love you little man, Happy Birthday!

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