Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Words can't even describe

My sister is MY HERO!!

On Saturday Brian Jr., Katie, Lacy and Susan were swimming in the pool while my mom, Chantal and Clarissa were sitting on the porch watching them. Hugo and Bou were playing in the yard watching the kids swim. They told all the kids in the pool that if Hugo or Bou were to get too close to the pool or to fall in to scream like crazy HUGO/BOU ARE IN THE POOL over and over. Well Hugo was close and having a ton of fun taking turns pushing the kids in and they were all laughing like crazy. Well one time he pushed Lacy in and she must have grabbed his hands or shirt and taken him in with her (on accident). They all did their jobs perfectly and screamed like crazy, HUGO FELL IN THE POOL!! Now all three of the adults were watching carefully but none of them saw him fall in so it was so lucky they screamed. Chantal was the farthest from the pool, but with out one single moments hesitation she jumped out of her seat, hoped over the table, ran to the pool, leaped over the spa and jumped in fully dressed to rescue my bobbing 2 year old who does not know how to swim. She said he was holding his breath and when he got out he didn't cough up any water, but even at this very moment I can barely contain my emotions. I am so lucky to have a sister that reacted so fast. I was in the house doing some other work and when Clarissa came in screaming my name and I heard Hugo crying all I could think of was what would I do without that sweet boy! Thank you so much Chantal, words can not even describe my gratefulness to you. I always hope that I would be the one who's pants are on fire, who jumps up out of my seat and rescues the baby... I still hope I am. I know Chantal is. I have always wanted to be like Chantal, I still do, I always will, she is amazing, she is my Hero. I love you, thank you for saving my precious Hugo!

Hug your kids a little longer tonight, kiss them, talk a little sweeter and thank your Heavenly Father for all the blessing and miracles he does give you! (like sisters like Chantal)

This clip reminds me of Chantal. No Hesitation... If you watch Modern Family, this clip is so much funnier. (yes Elise... I'm hooked!)


... said...

You got me a little teary too! Thank goodness for sisters and for our little boys! :) I'm glad Hugo is safe.

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

*sniffle, sniffle*

LauraBro said...

i GOT TEARY eyed too! thank goodness he is okay!

Kyle said...

1. Love Modern Family...did you watch last night?
2. Way to go Chantal
3. Nate had a near drowning last year..and I had to jump in 9 months prego fully clothed to save him...and I couldn't sleep that night because my heart was still racing
4. I'm convinced that we have a lot of "near-accidents" to remind us that life is fragile...and we need to slow down sometimes :)

5. Glad Hugo was ok!