Monday, September 27, 2010

The kind that beavers build

Oh that Lacy...

The other day we were driving to get an after school treat when she was playing her FAVORITE game, the rhyming game. It hardly ever ends well.... this time it went a little something like this,
" bat, rat, Lacy, bacy, Hugo, bugo, shoe, two, slam, dam... Oh but mommy, its not like a bad word or anything, its the kind that beavers build."

at first I died laughing, then I thought, "What the HECK are the teaching my kid in school!!"
This doesn't even compare to the night before we were at Target, (yes for those of you who know it was the Target and if you ask real nicely and I really love you, I will tell you of my most embarrassing moment which happened at Target) well Lacy was once again playing the rhyming game and she was in the cart and we had a conversation that went like this, starting with her rhyming game

Lacy: itchy, b****y
ME: Oh Lacy don't say that, thats not very nice.
Lacy: What, itchy?
ME: No, the other thing
Lacy: b****y?
ME: YES LACY, don't say it! (I was a little flustered, ok, don't judge!)
Lacy: What does b****y mean?
ME: Lacy stop saying it! Its just not a very nice word, its very bad, and you say it when you are being very mean. (I'm not very good under pressure, OK!)

Anyways, she went on to say it another 7 times and I was blushing as the other moms around me were laughing and giving me funny looks like, "control your potty mouth child!"
Ahhh!! What are we to do with children!!


Sheri said...

Ha ha ha! Love it! Nolan has done this kinda stuff too. At first it's funny and catches you off guard. Then they continue to do it for the attention and it's not so funny anymore.

Shay Lola said...

HaHaHa! Funny!! I wanna hear the other story!!