Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lacy is a STAR!

She got her Kindergarden pictures back in the fall and I think she could not be cuter if she tried. Her hair looks so short and she looks so innocent and adorable with her closed mouth smile, dimples and all!! Her little dimple right by her left eye is my favorite feature. You can see it when she is being shy, sweet, or belly laughing like she has been lately. A few times in the past month she has laughed so hard that Shawn and I had to join in.

One happened one night, she wanted to play a "big kids" game once the boys went to bed. She picked Quelf to play with just Shawn and I. It is a very silly game, if you have never heard of it. She got a card that said something along the lines of making 5 fart noises. She started making them (with her mouth), giggling the entire time, then on the 5th time she let a real one slip, and it was loud and hilarious. I know one day she will be embarrassed for me telling this story, but she erupted in some very loud and contagious laughter. She could not be calmed either. It was a fun moment that made Shawn and I realize, out little girl is growing up. (Fart humor and all- wish us luck!)
She looks so young!
This is everyone in her class, including her teacher and principal.

This is her on her special birthday dinner. So stinkin cute!


mimi said...

I miss this girl! Can't wait until summer when my best friend can come for a long, long visit. I miss all our shopping dates and swimming time and spending the nights together. She is definitely my best friend.

Susan Jo Ollerton Fuller said...

Beautiful girl!