Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hugo Boy

Hugo is my sweetheart. He loves everyone. Everyone is his best friend, and if we ever do anything remotely fun, it is the BEST DAY EVER. I am constantly the best mom ever, Shawn the best dad ever, Lacy the best sister ever, and Jack the best brother ever. He is so excited to see everyone, giving them a big hug and always telling you how much he missed you or how happy he is to be here, or you there, etc. He, on lots of days lately, is my saving grace. He gives big hugs and kisses, cleans up well, and (for the most part) listens to what he is supposed to do. He is easy to reason with. With all that being said, he CAN certainly thow his tantrums and always finds a way to NOT sleep, or find his way into our bed. We would put him back if he woke us up, but usually we don't notice until he is already asleep and kicking one of us in the mouth. He is as much of a stinker as he is a sweetheart. He makes everyday fun, thats for sure!
He can't go ANYWHERE without someone commenting on how much he looks like his Daddy. He even tries by dressing in his clothes!

This was just taken this weekend. He's so handsome, and getting SO BIG!


mimi said...

He is the sweetest boy. He reminds me of Shawn, not only in looks .... but in sweetness. I love it when he says " best day ever"!

Susan Jo Ollerton Fuller said...

I was thinking the exact thing that Kathy said, my favorite quote is when he says, "This is the best day ever!"