Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Field Trip

Lacy had her first field trip of the year and I think it was overall a success. They went to Jungle Jims. I didn't even know the place still existed. I remember going there for Clarissa's birthday when she was 8 maybe? I don't think I have been there since. Lacy had so much fun riding all the rides. Hugo had fun playin on all the cars, trains, etc. We did have to bail out a little early because the boys starting getting restless but luckily Jamie came to the rescue and took Lacy home for me (so she didn't have to leave early).
I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful network of moms that I know look out for my kids. I love my ward, neighborhood, schools, and especially all the mothers of the kids nearby.
Don't you love that picture of Lacy and Carson in the middle? They are on the mini-roller coaster thing. I think its priceless. Lacy is squealing with joy- Carson looks a little bored. Maybe he is annoyed he has a face full of Lacy's hair :)


Clarissa Jo Baxter said...

so fun! I can't believe how much Lacy is starting to look like you, I have been thinking about it a lot lately, how much she looks like you that is, but I don't think I have ever said it. She is your little Mini-Me!

Dopp Family said...

Lacey is getting to be so grown up! I love your post on your late night dolls! I can't believe you stayed up that late...awesome!!