Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hearts to Live By

I told my mom I was going to post about her new blog, then I got on this morning and saw that two of my sisters had done the same.
My mom started an awesome blog of these collections of heart pictures she has taken and cute little stories to go with them. She really should write a book, but I guess this is the next best thing. She did put a little book together a few years ago for my dad for Valentine's Day and she made copies and gave it to each of us kids. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

I don't think she has put this one on her blog yet but it was in her book. I'll write what she wrote to give you a little snippit of her genius-ness.

Love by Chance

You have to look a little harder but it is there. The curl in Jenny's hair and the door knob make a heart. And sometimes that is how love is. You have to look a little harder. Sometimes you have to try and make things work out. You always need to expect to give more than you receive and you have to hope that your love, loves you secondly to the Lord. This picture was taken on Jenny's wedding day as she was getting ready to go to the Temple. I have learned that a man that loves the Lord first is the best husband there is. Because of his love for the Lord he truly understands his role in your life. he is more attentive and cares for you as a daughter of God.

You will be amazed. Pass it on, this is the sort of thing the world needs to see!!


Susan Jo Ollerton Fuller said...

I did write about this picture, it is coming up on the 12th I think. I have post posting so I don't fall behind. Thank you for the compliment.

Banana said...

Oh I love that story! And your mom's new blog--what a great idea! I am now a follower!