Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remember Megan?

Remember this post way back in February? Well Megan and Shane finally got picked and got the sweetest little girl just a month or so ago. Her name is Ruby and she is absolutely precious. (read their story here)
Anyways, they have one little boy already and were just blessed with a girl. Well girls are so dang fun and she came so soon, with little preperation, Megan definitely needed a shower! :) Plus I am in love with throwing showers. Shane's Aunt Claudia was fantastic enough to let us do it at her gorgeous home. I had so much fun making cute things and baking the day before. I am so glad she let me do it, it was so fun! I love Megan and her little Ruby, they are adorable!

a couple really random pictures from the night. It was one of the funnest showers I've done or been to in a long time. Set up and clean up was a breeze, it all looked adorable and there was a good turn out with tons of good conversation. I was in need of a girls night! Plus it is so rewarding doing cute things for such wonderful people!!


Elise said...

You are so thoughtful! Everything looked wonderful! Good job!! Miss you!

Ashley Yazzie said...

A) The party looked fun.
B) I would love for you to make me a doll! Hooray! But-I insist on paying you for your artistic services. And I really think that you should sell them on your store. They are adorable woman. No joke.