Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy GOLDEN Birthday Babe!

28 ON THE 28TH! So here is 28 reasons why I love my hottie:
1: Today is HIS birthday and he let me sleep in because I was up all night puking. Just one example of how un-selfish and kind hearted he is.

2: He is a worthy priesthood holder and my eternal companion.

3. He loves to turn on music and have dance parties with me and the kids

4. He makes it a point to make the kids and I laugh every single day (and he is very good at it!)

5. His adorable dimples

6. He teaches me something new everyday

7. His adventuresome side

8. He is so accommodating and gets along with everyone

9. He is brave and daring

10. He is sweet and makes me feel like a princess

11. He tells me he loves me every time he sees me or says goodbye

12. He tells me I'm beautiful everyday and I believe that he means it!

13. He is clean and helps so much around the house

14. He loves his family and mine and does all he can to keep peace with everyone

15. He never speaks un-kindly of anyone and keeps me in check!

16. He does cute things like set a "read scriptures" alarm on both our phones.

17. He is such a good saver and is so frugal.

18. He is handsome and looks hot no matter how he is dressed or where he is!!

19. He gives me these cute little winks to let me know he loves me from across the room.

20. He makes me feel sexy and tells me all the time I am the most beautiful woman he knows.

21. He is honestly my best friend!

22. He loves getting in on the girl talk and actually has really good input and is so fun to have at girls night (hope that's not embarrassing babe)... but all the girls love having him there!

23. He cares so much about the well being of others and never wants any ones feelings to be hurt.

24. He gives the best hugs and will hold me in his arms as long as I want!

25. He supports me in all my endeavors no matter how crazy they seem.

26. He keeps me sain and makes me a better mother and woman.

27. He is drop-dead gorgeous... honestly what is a hottie like that doing with a girl like me :)

I could tell you a million more- Shawn is so wonderful! I hope you have a fantastic 28 babe, you deserve it! I love you to pieces!


Elise said...

Happy Birthday Shawn!

Nate and Lori said...

I love how much you love him. You guys make such a cute couple.

Sheri said...

Nice gift you gave him! I'm jealous!!!

Janine said...

Happy birthday Shawn. We think you are great too. You have one amazing lady by your side.