Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Lacy...

The night before my big boutique all HELL broke loose. Every one kept asking me how it was all coming and in all honesty, it was falling together perfectly. Well at about 5pm the night before I was at my parents when Shawn calls and says, I hope you aren't too busy because I think we need to go to the hospital. He then brings a screaming Lacy to me. After about 30 minutes she finally lets my mom and I look at what seems to be raw hamburger (the end of her left thumb) Its definitely hospital-worthy. We pack her in and head on over. They do the x-rays and every time she lets go of her thumb to take the pictures she gushes blood all over the place. Too much for me to handle. I am being less help than good trying to keep her calm, and in tears and getting queasy. Plus when my dad shows up at the hospital she immediately shows him her thumb and tells me I can leave (way to break a moms heart, pretty girl!) so I go home and Shawn comes to the hospital- he is WAY better at this kind of stuff. She has to get 5 "Frankenstein" stitches as my mom called them and she CRUSHED the tip of her thumb. It was opened in the car door and got crushed in the hinge. It is all black and blue now, no cast or anything like that. We have been to a special pediatric plastic hand surgeon (or something like that) and he said she is going to be just fine as long as she moves it often, keeps it clean and takes all her medicine. It is pretty grouse looking but it will be just fine!
A few pictures from the night at the hospital
in the waiting room
They had to put her in the papoose to give her stitches. My mom said she did just fine- she just told her it was a burrito- just like Uncle Samuel does... so silly! (this was also after they gave her the happy drugs)


Dopp Family said...

Ahhh... poor Lacy! That sounds like it hurt plenty. Glad it's going to heal up nicely.

Elise said...

oh little lacy jo. I am glad she is okay! i can do lunch Friday if you want! I miss you friend!